Bindley Bioscience Center


All major instruments and equipment located in this facility are outfitted to handle microplates.
  • Two liquid handling dual-bridge systems (BiomekFX) containing 96- and 8-tips heads, vacuum manifold, and absorbance plate reader allow experiments to run various multisample assays.
  • One of the BiomekFX systems is connected to a microplate hotel to increase the walk-away time.
  • The centrifuge Eppendorf 5810R has a rotor for spinning the microplates.
  • MJ thermocycler can run programs for 2 plates simultaneously.
  • Genetix colony picker QPixII is a picking (from Q-trays) and replicating system.
  • Accessories for bacterial and yeast cell growth include the Cryoreplicator System ‘Duetz” incubators/shakers with plate holders.
  • A tissue culture room is equipped with Biosafety cabinet class II type A2, Laminar Flow and CO2 incubators.
  • A liquid chromatography system AKTA Explorer100 allows fast developing and optimizing of protein purification methods.
  • Spectramax384 UV/absorbance plate reader (Molecular Devices) is used for the detection of DNA and protein concentration in the plate as well as in cuvette.
  • The nanodrop spectrophotometer requires only 2 ul of protein or DNA samples without dilution.


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Bindley Bioscience Center
Biomolecular Screening and Drug Discovery
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Larisa Avramova
Ph.D. Research Scientist