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BD FACSAria III Cell Sorter


The BD FACSAria III cell sorter can mount up to six lasers so that you can choose a configuration that meets your application. Wavelength choices now include the 561-nm and 445-nm lasers, as well as the 488-nm, 633-nm, 405-nm, and 375-nm lasers. The system allows you to mount up to 20 detectors and measure a maximum of 18 colors simultaneously. With the advanced gel-coupled cuvette and octagon- and trigon-shaped detector arrays that maximize signal detection, the BD FACSAria III represents the state of the art in cell sorting.

Beckman Coulter FC500

Beckman Coulter

The FC500 is a flow cytometry analyzer with two laser excitation wavelengths, 488nm and 633nm that can measure up to 5 colors simultaneously. This cytometer is capable of 'walk-away' operation. It runs samples in 96 well plates or 12x75 tubes. This instrument is used for immunophenotyping, phophoprotein analysis, DNA analysis, cell cycle, and functional assays.

Cyntellect LEAP


The LEAP (Laser Enabled Analysis and Processing) is a microplate-based, interactive image cytometer with laser photoablative sorting of either attached or suspension cells.

For more information about LEAP please read the article "Scanning Cytometry with a LEAP".

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