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Policies Regarding

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Instrument Usage
  3. Publication



For users who are themselves Purdue faculty or staff, confidentiality is already required by existing University policy.  The University Policies on intellectual Property and on Research Misconduct establish that research and research data at Purdue is to be protected from intentional and unintentional disclosure.  Thus, samples, products derived from samples, data obtained from the analysis of samples, and data and analyses obtained from a Core user shall be considered confidential, and shall not be shared, published, reanalyzed, reprocessed, or in any other way shared, or used for additional analyses without the Core user’s express and written permission.

The relevant Purdue policies may be found at:

For Core users from outside of Purdue University, such as corporate partners, investigators from government, other universities, or any other type of institution, the same confidential treatment of research and data shall be applied in the Core. In this case, confidentiality is assured through execution of a confidentiality agreement with Purdue University upon request from the core user.  External users may contact the Sponsored Programs Office to begin this process. Assistance in establishing such agreements will be provided by Core personnel and/or the Core director.
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Instrument Usage Policy

To download the Bindley Bioscience Center's Instrument Usage Policy click here.



Expectations for authorship for Core personnel will be discussed with initial Core contact. While authorship is not required and will often be inappropriate for Core personnel providing research input to the project, if there is intellectual and/or organizational effort of Core personnel to the work described in the manuscript, authorship is warranted and expected. For example, expert data analysis from Core personnel that is required in support of claims in a manuscript or patent, warrant authorship. It will be made clear to investigators utilizing the Core that the recovery of Core expenses through the Core cost recovery system does not exclude the possibility for authorship for Core research personnel. Similarly, authorship does not substitute for payment of Core expenses for services rendered.

In publications that describe research that took place at the Core facility, authors should include a statement acknowledging the use of the facility and the Bindley Bioscience Center: "The author(s) acknowledge the use of the facilities of the Bindley Bioscience Center, a core facility of the NIH-funded Indiana Clinical & Translational Science Institute."


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