Bindley Bioscience Center


Administrative Staff

The administrative support team manages the interface between faculty and facilities and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Center. Staff members provide a variety of services including management of both internal and externally-funded research projects; linkage and synchronization of these projects and other external collaborative activities with the discovery, learning and engagement objectives of the Center; recruitment and management of facility staff; administrative interface with academic units on charge-back systems and space issues; promotion and management of extramural funding initiatives; and the overall business management of the Center.

Scientific Staff

The scientific staff develop, sustain, and transfer expertise from key technical areas to support interdisciplinary research teams and faculty collaborators. Center research professors, postdoctoral researchers, and research technicians provide innovation and implementation of advanced new technologies, instrumentation training, and management of research facilities. In collaboration with faculty, they pursue sponsored research as well as engage in projects with potential partners for technology transfer. With keen awareness of new technologies and applications, the scientists advance the technical applications and employ an entrepreneurial approach for incorporation of these new technologies into core research facilities of the Center.

About Bindley

Interdisciplinary life sciences and engineering researchers collaborate to explore new technologies and scientific knowledge that impact the broad boundaries of plant, animal, and human diseases.


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