Bindley Bioscience Center

Laboratory Facilities

Proteomics MALDI ToF-ToF mass spectrometry
Hybrid quadrupole -ToF mass spectrometry
Triple quadrupole MS
Protein and peptide sample preparation
Methods development
Amino acid content analysis
Protein sequencing
Isoelectric focusing; Gel scanning and documentation
Preparative free flow electrophoresis
HPLC analytical, semi-preparative, preparative
Multi-dimensional liquid chromatography
Automated and manual protein/peptide database search
Genomics High throughput genetic and mRNA analysis (GeXP)
Oligonucleotide synthesis with nucleotide analogs
High throughput cloning
Recombinant protein production
Robotic crystallization
Robotic liquid handling
RT-PCR analysis
Custom smaller-scale microarray production / analysis
Integrated Screening Technologies Luminex bead sorting technology
Biomek liquid handling robotics w/ plate hotel and automated readout
Microplate washer, filler, readers
Colony picker, replication robot
Physiological Sensing In vivo, In situ biosensor testing and development
Combined sensor technology

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The Bindley Bioscience Center (BBC) provides high-end capabilities for both well-established and start-up corporate partners.

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