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Demonstrating Commercial Potential of Purdue Technology

“The Bindley relationship has provided Kylin’s expert staff with the best available infrastructure and equipment. Relationships with Purdue faculty and staff continue to blossom as both sides work together to develop the Purdue licensed IP and ready it for the market place.”

- Joe Trebley – Executive Director of Research and Development

Kylin Therapeutics is a start-up biotechnology company founded at the Purdue Research Park after licensing the revolutionary RNA nanoparticle technology, “pRNA” from Purdue University in 2007. This intellectual property developed at Purdue enables the efficient delivery of RNAi (RNA interference) to suppress or eliminate the spread of diseases without harming healthy cells. Kylin has worked alongside Purdue researchers at the Bindley Bioscience Center since 2008 under a sponsored research agreement. As Kylin benefits from the advantages of the Bindley’s high end research core infrastructure, they continue to refine promising Purdue innovation. The young start-up venture continues to demonstrate success with a recent award of $1.2M by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) 21st Century Fund. This award will contribute to Kylin research and development work through 2010. IEDC has also provided matching funding for a Kylin small business innovative research (SBIR) program funding. These funds will allow Kylin to move forward with efficacy testing in animal models and to establish foundations for human clinical trials.

“Having access to the Bindley facilities reduces the amount of capital Kylin must initially invest to bring pRNAi to the market. In effect, it reduces the activation energy necessary to start a company around Purdue intellectually property.”

Kylin actively participates in the Interns for Indiana (IFI) and Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship Program (DURI). Purdue students work alongside Kylin employees in a small team environment furthering the development of pRNA. While contributing to Kylin’s efforts to develop the value of Purdue pRNA intellectual property, students obtain valuable research experience outside a classroom environment. Collaborations between Purdue researchers and Kylin are common; taking advantage of a diverse range of experts to overcome development challenges. Researchers in turn find support from Kylin teams that aid in the advancement of their own projects.

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