Bindley Bioscience Center

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Find a Purdue Researcher Expert of Establish a Collaberation With a Researcher I've Identified?

The Bindley and other Discovery Park centers provide a dedicated point of contact for information and engagement. For the Bindley, contact Dr. Charles Buck, Director of Operations, or Ms. Luanne Ludwig, Center Research Coordinator at the following email addresses, respectively: (;

What are Some Benefits of Working With the BBC?

A modern and well equipped research facility with a unique open space policy is provided at the Bindley. All equipment and research space is shared among facility researchers and in many cases professional staff members are available to provide deep expertise with available technologies. In addition, the Bindley is a ‘portal’ for life sciences research at Purdue and can connect problems with expert solutions. Purdue’s extensive involvement in the Indiana Clinical Sciences Translational Institute (CTSI) is managed through the Bindley so this portal function extends also to CTSI partners at Indiana University School of Medicine, IU Bloomington, and Notre Dame University (and indeed to the entire NIH CTSI network).

What Technologies and Instrumentation are Available at the Bindley?

The center is organized around 4 research core areas:

  • Biomolecular Technologies (Metabolomics, Proteomics, Ionomics, and Genomics Research and Development)
  • Computational Life Sciences and Informatics
  • Bionanotechnology
  • Cytomics and Imaging

In addition to the list of capabilities provided in the scrolling display on the previous page, the Bindley is engaged in the production of the next generation of research instrumentation via the companion Center for Analytical Instrumentation Development (CAID).

Can Research results generated at the Bindley be protected for commercial application?

Confidential research with corporate partners is underway at the Bindley and provisions can be made for sponsor review prior to any public disclosure of results. Purdue is active in protecting intellectual property generated in Purdue laboratories. The Office of Technology Commercialization for the Purdue Research Foundation manages Purdue IP and has extensive experience with both protecting and licensing intellectual property to maximize commercial potential. Corporate sponsors of research generating IP may negotiate rights to license that IP. Generation of joint IP with corporate partners is also recognized by Purdue.

Can I sponsor a project that is milestone and deliverable driven?

We recommend that corporate sponsored projects are set up with clear milestones on a specific timeline and that progress is measured with specific deliverables. This approach not only improves the liklihood for success with short term projects but also facilitates project tracking and management for both the Bindley and our partners.

How can I stay informed about research capabilities at the Bindley?

Investigators working in the Bindley acknowledge the facility in their scientific manuscripts and contributions to books and proceedings. The Bindley website provides current news, reports of research projects, and up-to-date listings of capabilities in the center.

I'd like to pursue an ideal for a project with the Bindley. Who should I contact?

Charles Buck, Director of Operations [; (765) 496-6147]

Industry Partners Links

The Bindley Bioscience Center (BBC) provides high-end capabilities for both well-established and start-up corporate partners.

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