Bindley Bioscience Center

Bindley Priorities

The BBC offers access to its continuously expanding capabilities and research instrumentation in the context of deep expertise with these technologies. Bindley researchers have established technology platforms for analyses of proteins, metabolites, and cellular systems, and promoted integration with advanced data processing and management solutions. The BBC encourages corporate interactions that build upon Purdue strengths, and actively seeks both start-up and established ventures.

Research Projects
Cancer research and biomarkers
Instrument technology
Infectious diseases
Corporate Interactions Expertise for corporate projects
Facilitate start-ups
Access to capabilities
Equipment & Service Omics technologies
Screening, detection
Sensors, MEMS
Flow, sorting, imaging
Engagement & Outreach Regional corporate development
Global partnerships

Industry Partners Links

The Bindley Bioscience Center (BBC) provides high-end capabilities for both well-established and start-up corporate partners.

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