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Enabling New Discoveries and Technology through the Latest Advancements in Life Science Research

researcher"Science and technology are tightly coupled. A scientific understanding of the natural world is the basis for much of technological development today. It is difficult, if not impossible, to separate the achievements of technology from those of science. And although science is integral to all of these advances, they are also examples of technology, the application of unique skills, knowledge, and techniques, which is quite different from science."
- (National Research Council, 2002)

At the Bindley Bioscience Center (BBC), the importance of the translational and interdisciplinary research paradigm is not only a consideration, but a source of innovation itself. The Bindley is Discovery Park's "toolbox" for Life Sciences, allowing researchers to invent, utilize, and communicate latest technology innovations. Dr. Kari L. Clase, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Biotechnology program at Purdue University, and Department of Industrial Technology faculty member, takes advantage of Bindley capabilities. The unique research environment couples the latest in proteomic and molecular biology research with resources to access biological databases, enabling her to pursue new molecules to interrogate neural stem cells. Her success holds promise for applications in biomedicine. In Bindley laboratories, Dr. Clase also provides hands-on research experiences for graduate and undergraduate biotechnology students.

The unique environment of applied cutting-edge interdisciplinary life science research engages partners for technological transfer. This interdisciplinary research model attempts to integrate new discovery and translation with entrepreneurial opportunities within Discovery Park. Researchers benefit from the procurement and utilization of new technologies within the Bindley core research areas. The center simultaneously supports start-up and well-established corporate collaborators as part of its mission to promote economic development.

Benefits and Opportunities for Researchers

The BBC provides researchers access to its continuously expanding capabilities and research instrumentation in the context of deep expertise with these technologies. Facilities are accessed via a 'collaborative core' model and in some cases with fee-based research services. Bindley researchers have established technology platforms for analyses of proteins, metabolites, and cellular systems, and promoted integration with advanced data processing and management solutions. The BBC actively seeks the involvement of researchers in:

Signature Research Areas

  • Infectious Disease Intervention
  • Cancer
  • BioNanotechnology and Nanomedicine
  • Innovative Instrument Development

Core Technologies

  • Biomolecular Technologies
  • BioNanotechnology
  • Computational Life Sciences & Informatics
  • Cytomics and imaging

How does Bindley enable research through the technology and resource opportunities it presents?

"Bindley Bioscience Center's collaborative environment as well as the personnel, technologies, and other resources offered by the Bindley create the "perfect storm" for conducting translational research. "
- John A. Springer, Assistant Professor, Computer and Information Technology

About Bindley

Interdisciplinary life sciences and engineering researchers collaborate to explore new technologies and scientific knowledge that impact the broad boundaries of plant, animal, and human diseases.


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