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The Discovery Park (DP) Faculty Research Fellows Initiative seeks to engage the campus in the core missions of the DP centers. A major goal of the program is to establish collaborative networks between Discovery Park and the academic units to create new opportunities to enable faculty to significantly advance Purdue research and technology through innovative ideas and novel approaches.



BBC FELLOW: Dr. Mark Hall- College of Agriculture

PROJECT TITLE: “Advanced proteomic application development and implementation with the AB Sciex 5600+ mass spectrometer”

Part of Dr. Hall’s research focuses on use of proteomic technologies to study the role of dynamic protein post-translational modifications in regulating cell division and ensuring genome stability. Dr. Hall recently helped acquire a new state-of-the-art mass spectrometer to support proteomic applications at the Bindley Bioscience Center’s (BBC’s) Purdue Proteomics Facility (PPF). The AB Sciex 5600+ Triple-TOF mass spectrometer is a versatile instrument for both discovery- based and targeted proteomics and possesses a novel data-independent acquisition mode that brings a unique and powerful quantitative workflow not available on other instruments at the PPF.


BBC FELLOW: Dr. David Nolte- College of Science

PROJECT TITLE: “BioDynamic Imaging for Life Sciences and Cancer Research”

Life is motion. If there is one overarching characteristic of living matter, that distinguishes it from all other forms of matter in our world, it is animation. Inside every cell occurs a panoply of motion with amazing detail and diversity. Biodynamic imaging is a new tool our group has developed to have exquisite sensitivity to these complex intracellular motions. This Discovery Park project has three principal aims:
1) Building Bridges
2) Cancer Research
3) Integration


BBC FELLOW: Dr. Rodolfo Pinal- College of Pharmacy

PROJECT TITLE: “3D Integrated Pharmaceuticals- Large Area Web Nanomanufacturing methods and preliminary testing”

Dr. Pinal specializes on drug solubility, solubilization and on approaches for optimizing the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs. His project will focus on proof of concept studies for 3D IP (3D Integrated Pharmaceuticals), a platform technology for making the next generation of pharmaceutical products. With 3D IP, “pills” are assembled from prefabricated working parts, according to a predesigned blueprint for the product. Dr. Pinal’s project will advance the 3D IP approach by bringing it together with three major areas of expertise within Discovery Park.


BBC FELLOW: Dr. Sherry Voytik-Harbin- Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering

PROJECT TITLE: “Integrative Tissue Systems Biology and Engineering: Design and Prototyping of Engineered Vascularized Tissue Systems”

Dr. Voytik-Harbin’s project focuses on design and development of three-dimensional (3D) tissue systems that are human-cell based and recapitulate the complexities of native tissues and organs in-vitro. Such innovative, in-vitro human-tissue systems provide significant translational potential in the areas of regenerative medicine, drug development and targeting, as well as drug/chemical testing. Dr. Voytik-Harbin will work to expand existing collaborative research efforts targeting the design, prototyping, and validation of in-vitro vascularized tissue systems that support functional perfusion.

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