Assessment, Research & EvaluationTools of the Trade
Sponsor Program
National Science Foundation (NSF) Evaluation & Research on Learning & Education
  Information Technology Workforce
  Course, Curriculum & Laboratory Improvement
(esp. Assessment of Student Achievement
Department of Defense/Army Science and Technology Assessment
US Department of Education (USDE) National Assessment of Educational Progress
NSF/USDE/National Institute of Child Health & Human Development Interagency Education Research Initiative
National Institute of Health (NIH) Science Education Partnership Award
  Integrating Aging and Cancer Research
  Improving Diet adn Physical Activity Assessment
  Mechanisms of Action of Behavioral Treatment for Alcoholism
  Research on Community Reintegration for People with Psychiatric Disabilities
  Risk Factors for Psychopathology Using Existing Data Sets
Department of Health & Human Services/Agency for Health Care Research & Quality Cancer Surveillance Using Health Claims-Based Data System