Women's Global Health Institute

Symposium Agenda

WGHI 2013 High Tea Agenda

1:00 pm

WGHI Open Meeting

WGHI Updates

MEER Grant Recipients' Presentation

"Characterizing MicroRNAs for Early Detection of Breast Lesions"

(Chun-Jun Chang, Basic Medical Sciences)

"Intraperitoneal Drug Delivery for Chemotherapy of Ovarian Cancer"

(Yoon Yeo, Industrial and Physical Pharmacy)

2:00 pm

Breakout Sessions I

Translation and Entrepreneurship

(Chair: Jessica Huber, William Killian, Azza Ahmed)

Research Platform I: Bone Health

(Chair: Barbara Alving, Katie Hill Gallant, Russell Main)

Research Platform II: Women’s Cancers

(Chair: Marietta Harrison, Ignacio Camarillo)

2:30 pm

Breakout Sessions II

Education: Develop Training Programs in Women’s Health

(Chair: Dorothy Teegarden, Jeff Bolin)

Research Platform III: Wellness/Prevention

(Chair: Celeste Bottorff, Kim Buhman)

Research Platform IV: Neurodegenerative Disorders

(Chair: Jessica Huber, Kavita Shah)

3:00 pm

High Tea

"Are there Risks Associated with High Calcium Intakes?"

(Connie Weaver, Women’s Global Health Institute and Nutrition Science)

"Development and Commercialization of the SpeechVive, a Device to Help People with Parkinson’s Disease Communicate"

(Jessica Huber, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences)

"Entering the Era of Precision Medicine"

(Marietta Harrison, Oncological Sciences Center)

5:00 pm Adjourn

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