Women's Global Health Institute

Symposium Agenda

Thursday, Sept 27th

Morgan 121

1:00 Welcome/Introduction - Connie Weaver, Director of Women’s Global Health Institute

"The zebrafish as a model system for defining the impacts of a developmental chemical exposure on reproductive health" - Jennifer Freeman, Health Sciences


"Using 41Ca to screen effective interventions for reducing bone loss and soft tissue calcium deposition"-Connie Weaver, Nutrition Science



3:00 "How can MRI help us to detect toxic exposure to the brain or individualize treatment in liver cancer?" -Ulrike dydak, Health Sciences
"Nutrition therapies and Parkinson’s Disease" -Chris Rochet, Pharmacy
4:00 "Brain injuries-from football to girls’ soccer" -Larry Leverenz, Health and Kinesiology
Friday, Sept 28th Morgan 121
8:30 "Interventions to promote breastfeeding" -Azza Ahmed, Nursing

"Following dietary fat absorption with an eye on obesity and heart disease"  -Kim Buhman, Nutrition Science


"Epigenetic landmarks of cancer"   -Joseph Irudayaraj, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

10:00 Break

Seminar:  "Use of Folate Tags for Imaging and Therapy of Women's Diseases"   -Phil Low, Chemistry

12:00 Adjourn

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