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The Indo-US Joint Networked Centre on Nanomaterials is funded by the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum. It is jointly administered by three institutions: (1) International Center for Materials Science, Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore, Jakkur P.O., 560 064 (India); (2) Birck Nanotechnology Center, Discovery Park, Purdue University, 1205 W. State Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2057 (USA); (3) John F. Welch Technology Center, 122, EPIP, Whitefield Road, Bangalore, 560 066 (India) as corporate sponsor. A copy of the award letter is available here.

  1. Goals
  2. Opportunities for US faculty/post-doc/students
  3. Financial support
  4. Process and approval for the participation
  5. Visa
  6. Healthcare/risk Insurance
  7. Travel
  8. Reimbursement
  9. Post-visit activities


This joint networked centre creates new synergies among the partners, leading to many tangible outcomes, including:


  • A new cohort of globally engaged researchers in nanotechnology and energy with appreciation for diverse professional and international cultures. In particular, the joint centre will support the exchange of four graduate student researchers, two postdoctoral researchers, and two faculty members between Purdue and ICMS each year. Further, the program will facilitate the placement of two Purdue graduate student interns at GE Global Research each year.
  • Creation of joint research programs of both the academic-academic and industry-academic types leading to new discoveries at the interface between nanotechnology and energy. This program will catalyze tangible research results and demonstrations of logistical capabilities of a group that will then submit larger proposals to major research programs in the US and India.
  • Enhancement of collaborative use of cyberinfrastructure research and educational resources such as nanoHUB.org and thermalHUB.org. These resources will support global collaborations through the use of web-based computational tools, online lectures/tutorials, collaborative user/project groups, and material databases.
  • Organization and hosting of summer schools and related tutorial materials offered annually to attract strong participation from industrial and academic participants.
  • Joint publications emanating from new collaborations seeded by this effort.
  • Strengthening of links between academics and global technology companies with R&D centers in the US and India.

Opportunities for US faculty/post-doc/students

  • Graduate student research exchanges (2 per year)
    • Students will have the opportunity to spend approximately 1 term at JNCASR, working on joint research projects with collaborating faculty at JNCASR and Purdue.
  • Graduate student internships (2 per year)
    • Internship opportunities for Purdue students to work for 1 term (up to 20 weeks) at GE Technology Centre, Bangalore (India)
  • Postdoctoral researcher exchanges (1 per year)
    • Postdoctoral researchers will have the opportunity to spend approximately 1-2 terms at JNCASR, working on joint research projects with collaborating faculty at JNCASR and Purdue.
  • Faculty research exchanges (1 per year)
    • Faculty will have the opportunity to spend approximately 1-2 months at JNCASR, working on joint research projects with collaborating faculty at JNCASR.
  • Faculty-taught short courses (6 faculty in year 1)
    • A group of faculty will spend several weeks at JNCASR teaching a joint short course and interacting with collaborating researchers at JNCASR.


Financial support

Funding covers cost for: (1) travel, (2) visa, (3) health insurance, (4) airport transfer and (5) per diem including accommodation costs. The grant does not cover salaries of participants. Costs for GE Ph.D. students at Purdue will be provided directly by GE. See Appendix I for additional details.


Process and approval for the participation

Participants should complete an application form through the web site. We will entertain applications on a rolling basis, but to receive full consideration, prospective participants should make every effort to submit materials by: October 15 for exchanges beginning in January; February 15 for exchanges beginning in May; May 15 for exchanges beginning in August. Postdocs and students should have the approval and endorsement of both their faculty advisor and the proposed collaborating faculty member. Only well conceived and planned projects should be submitted. Applications will be reviewed by an executive committee (M. Allain, T. Fisher, G. U. Kulkarni, S. Murthy, T. Sands, and, U. Waghmare). Participants will be contacted if additional information is needed.




Healthcare/risk insurance

It is the responsibility of participants to obtain appropriate healthcare insurance and to complete travel-related health and immunization requirements. These costs are covered by the Joint Centre. For more information, please refer to the travel health web site of the US Center for Disease Control: http://wwwn.cdc.gov/travel/default.aspx.
Participants from USA: The International Programs Office recommends the following web site for health/risk insurance https://www.gallagherkoster.com/. In addition, Purdue participants may find the following web sites useful: http://www.studyabroad.purdue.edu/Travel/, http://www.ippu.purdue.edu/





Reimbursement will be made against original receipts.


Post-visit activities

  • Participants are expected to continue and grow activities leading to scholarly publications and grant proposals to secure additional joint funding.
  • Participants are required to provide a brief report within four weeks after their return, highlighting the activities conducted, outcomes (including papers, presentations, and any intellectual property developed), and follow-up steps. Participants are expected to acknowledge IUUSTF support in all scientific publications, printed materials and presentations with the following text: “This work was supported (in part) by the Joint Networked Centre on Nanomaterials for Energy, sponsored by the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (award 115-2008/2009-10).” Participants should acknowledge affiliation with the BNC on all publications and presentations related to work performed in the BNC or using BNC equipment.

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