Why Do Undergraduate Research?

There are so many reasons. First, you can make your undergraduate education go so much further by participating in research. Just think — you won't be just sitting in class, reading and preparing for tests. Getting involved in research makes your undergraduate research come alive. And in the process of getting involved in research, you're almost guaranteed to learn something about the subject you're studying. After all, that's the main purpose of research — to acquire new knowledge. When you do research, you are creating new knowledge in a diverse community that includes other undergraduates, graduate students, faculty members and those in industry. Research is a great way to learn about your subject area, as well as learn about theories and issues that scholars and professionals encounter every day. Doing research will also make you an informed consumer of the research that you come across. And, perhaps most of all, research will make you more prepared for life after getting your degree, whether that is seeking full-time employment or pursuing graduate school. Either way, conducting research will give you a head start among your peers.

Name: Emiria Soendjojo
Major: Food Science

Emeria worked on research that analyzed the safety of produce from grocery stores and farmers’ markets. She offers other undergraduate researchers this advice: "Make sure to organize and record every method, source, and piece of data. Seriously, literally write down everything you do because it will be really helpful when it comes to the writing part."

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Emiria Soendjojo