What does research involve?

So what is involved in research? What would you be doing, exactly? It all depends on your particular field of study. Those in the liberal arts, social sciences, business and economics might begin with researching journal articles on a subject. Sometimes you may be collecting data through interviews, observations or surveys, then analyzing that data to find patterns. Those in engineering or sciences may spend the bulk of their time conducting laboratory research, experiments, equipment and lab maintenance, and preparing samples. Ultimately, it depends on the questions you are trying to answer, but rest assured, research is an exciting experience!

Name: Amber Lloyd
Major: Airline Management

"My favorite experience has been my undergraduate research work with one of my aviation professors because I get direct industry experience. We're working on improving Delta Airline's turnaround procedure, which consists of servicing the aircraft between or before flights. One of the perks is that we get the chance to travel to Atlanta and work with company representatives. The entire project is a collaboration between undergraduate and graduate students along with the help of Delta's team."

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Amber Lloyd