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Student Employee Information

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The Purdue University Student Employment Services area in the Division of Financial Aid places a strong emphasis on self-help. We believe that students are the primary beneficiaries of a college education and should be willing to make an investment in themselves. This is done in the form of spending savings from past-year earnings (student assets), using present earnings (from part-time employment), and borrowing against their future earnings (through loans) in order to finance their college education.

The Purdue University Student Employment Services area offers two separate work programs:

Federal Work Study

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is a federally funded financial aid program designed to help students meet educational costs through the use of part-time employment. FWS is a form of financial aid that is awarded to students in their financial aid package based on demonstrated need and satisfactory academic progress.

Job Location and Development

The Job Location and Development (JLD) program locates employers and helps develop off-campus employment opportunities for students during and between periods of actual enrollment. Student eligibility is not based on the financial need or academic standing requirements of FWS. In short, the purpose of JLD is to provide a reasonable opportunity to find employment for every student who desires to work.

Student Employment
Student Job Postings
  • Student Advantages
    • Work can provide many long-term benefits in addition to the advantages of a regular paycheck:

      • Learning experiences
      • Organizational skills
      • New responsbilities
      • Higher level of maturity

      Keep in mind that student employment is an important and sometimes significant form of "self-help" financial aid. Students are the primary beneficiaries of a college education, so they can make an investment in themselves via self-help financial aid: savings from the past (student assets), earnings from the present (from part-time employment), and borrowed funds (through student loans paid back in the future). 

      A student job should be more than the path to a paycheck.  Employment should be a learning experience to help students become more organized, accept greater job responsibilities, and help develop transferable job skills that can apply to future career positions. 

      Student Employment Services in the Division of Financial Aid can help students develop the tools needed to find meaningful part-time and summer job positions. Seek more information regarding Student Employment Services via the website links on this page.

  • Student Disadvantages
    • It can be difficult for some students to balance academic, work, and free time activities. Student Employment Services recommends that students, who choose to work, limit their hours to no more than 20 hours per week (with 12-15 hours on average) during the academic year.

  • Finding a Job and Available Opportunities
    • Student Employment Services in the Division of Financial Aid maintains a centralized listing of current part-time job listings on their website. Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP) displays most of these same listings on the Purdue cable channel, as well as channel 5 of the local cable provider at various times throughout the day.

      Jobs can be found using our Student Employment Services website. Simply follow the instructions on the page to find the right job for you. Purdue Rec Sports maintains student employment opportunities on their website. Also refer to the Housing & Food Services website for opportunities with Dining & Catering, University Residences, Purdue Memorial Union, and Hall of Music.

      The Division of Financial Aid reserves the right to refuse posting jobs for employers whom we know to be fraudulent, have had documented complaints about, or refuse to sign an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) assurance statement. Student Employment Services always posts jobs with the best interests of the students in mind, and may refuse to post jobs that do not seem to keep the best interests of the Purdue students and local community in mind.

      Not all employers list their part-time job openings with Student Employment Services. Students can also check with the many departmental offices on campus, as well as with area employers for other current openings. The classified sections of the Purdue Exponent and the Lafayette Journal & Courier frequently list part-time job positions that are available to students. Students, parents, and employers can always contact our office for more help with their employment questions at 765-494-5056.

  • Interview Tips
    • Anyone can make a mistake, but doing so during the job application or interview process can be a big problem.  Preparation is just as important in finding a good part-time job as it is in locating a career position.  A recent study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found that 44% of employers say it’s a job candidate’s general demeanor that first gets their attention during an interview.  “Within the first minute or two of the interview the employer will already form an impression of the applicant based on appearance, manners, and attitude”.

      Students applying for jobs should maintain a neat, clean appearance and dress appropriately for the interview.  A formal suit is rarely required for a part-time position, usually a more relaxed, yet professional look will suffice.  If unsure what to wear, call the company and ask what would be appropriate.  A resume may or may not be required.  Students should at least have a list of previous employers, and dates worked, and 2-3 references.  Applicants should be prepared to interview immediately if asked, and the student should “always” keep an interview commitment once made.  If a situation arises preventing the student from making the interview, the applicant should always call and let the employer know.

      Many job search tips and procedures can be found on the internet by searching terms like “Part-time jobs”, “Interview tips”, “Resumes”, etc.  The Center for Career Opportunities website at www.cco.purdue.edu also has multiple job search aids for students.  Students can always call Student Employment Services at 765-494-5056 or visit us in Schleman Hall, Room 302, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm for job search help.

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