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Other State Aid Programs

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State-Based Aid Programs

Most state programs are available only to students who attend a college within their state of residence.

A limited number of states have established reciprocity agreements with neighboring states to help families manage college costs. For more information on reciprocity agreements, contact your college(s) or state higher education agency. 

A list of state higher education agencies that provides information on the state's education programs, colleges, universities, financial aid assistance programs, grants, scholarships, continuing education programs, and career opportunities is maintained by the U.S. Department of Education at http://wdcrobcolp01.ed.gov/Programs/EROD/org_list.cfm?category_ID=SHE.

Distance Learning

Purdue University is committed to providing distant students with an exceptional educational experience that is transparent, efficient, stimulating and fair.  If, as a prospective or current student, you feel that your experience with a distance learning course or program from Purdue has not lived up to those standards, you may register a complaint.

As a distant student you can also submit a complaint regarding a Purdue course in the state where you are residing as you take the course. 

For more information about distance learning complaint resolution and for a state-by-state list of the agencies in each state responsible for complaints regarding out-of-state distance education programs see www.distance.purdue.edu/complaint.asp