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Requesting Certification for Private Scholarship Applications

Students have many opportunities to apply for private scholarships and should be aware that the organization or donor of the private scholarship may require certification of your financial aid eligibility.  There are a couple of options to obtain this information.

Students may obtain this information directly from their myPurdue account.  If the scholarship donor requires information concerning the student’s financial aid eligibility and/or Estimated Cost of Attendance and does not need the signature of a financial aid administrator, then the student may access and print all the necessary information directly by following these steps:

    1. Log in to myPurdue
    2. Under the Financial Aid tab, select the ‘Aid for Award Year” link on the left side under ‘Quick Links’
    3. Choose the appropriate school year in the drop-down menu and click “Submit”
    4. Select the “Award Overview” tab. 

The student may then print this page to provide to the private scholarship organization or donor.

In the event the scholarship donor requires the form to be signed by a financial aid counselor, students may stop by the Division of Financial Office in Schleman Hall, Room 305 for assistance.  Please be aware that in order for the Division of Financial Aid to provide information specific to a student's account to a third party, we must have the student’s written consent on a signed release statement.  Many donors are savvy enough to add this release statement directly within the scholarship application form.  If the private scholarship application does not contain a signed release statement from the student, then please complete the Student Release of Financial Aid Records Form to attach to the private scholarship application.  The student may then submit the forms for completion to the Division of Financial Aid.    

Please allow a minimum of one week for processing of the form and making it available for the student to pick up.  Division of Financial Aid will contact the student utilizing their purdue.edu mail address to let them know when the form has been completed and is ready for pickup up at the reception desk in Schleman Hall, Room 305.  The student may then submit it to the donor.

Please be aware that the Division of Financial Aid is prohibited by regulations from mailing or emailing any correspondence that contains a Social Security Number (SSN), unless the SSN is removed.  All requests for completion of private scholarship forms should be submitted to the Division of Financial with sufficient time remaining for it to be processed and returned to the student or forwarded to the donor before the due date.  The Division of Financial Aid will not be held responsible for the late submission of private scholarship forms.