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Budget Adjustment Appeal


The Division of Financial Aid (DFA) calculates an estimated Cost of Attendance (COA), or budget, for financial aid applicants based on federal guidelines.  Financial aid is awarded up to the COA but cannot exceed it.  The COA includes direct and indirect educationally-related expenses.  The DFA surveys students every 3 years to help estimate indirect costs.  More detailed information about the COA is available here.  Note that tuition and fee amounts may vary based on the enrolled program. 

Please keep in mind that the COA only accounts for the months in which you are enrolled.  For instance, if you only enroll in classes for the fall semester, your COA would be approximately half of what is shown in the example.  If your eligible educationally-related expenses exceed these estimated costs, you should speak with a DFA Counselor to receive the appeal form and instructions.  It may be possible to increase your COA, and thus increase the amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive by completing the Budget Adjustment Appeal and returning it to our office.

We can consider the following categories:

  • Off campus-housing – rent, utilities, homeowner’s/renter’s insurance, internet, food
      • Documentation must show your name and monthly charges
      • Examples of acceptable documentation include the lease agreement, receipts, bills, cancelled checks (additional documentation may be requested)

    NOTE: Increased on-campus housing expenses do not need reported through this form for additional loan consideration. Contact our office to determine if you are eligible for more loans as a result of on-campus housing rates.

  • Transportation – car insurance, gas
      • Documentation must include a written statement detailing the necessity of a car for any transportation expense
      • Examples of acceptable documentation include vehicle insurance premiums including dates of coverage, receipts (additional documentation may be requested)
  • Day care expenses for dependents
      • Documentation must show the child’s name, age, and monthly expense for each child
      • Examples of acceptable documentation include a statement from daycare provider, cancelled checks, receipts (additional documentation may be requested)
  • Medical expenses paid
      • Documentation must show out-of-pocket expenses and the date paid
      • Examples of acceptable documentation include receipts, cancelled checks (additional documentation may be requested)
      • For recurring medical expenses, you must include a letter from your medical provider that verifies the monthly charge
  • Miscellaneous/recreational – personal, clothing/laundry, cell phone/telephone
      • Examples of acceptable documentation include cell phone or telephone bill, receipts (additional documentation may be requested)
  • Books/supplies
      • Required documentation:  receipts (additional documentation may be requested)

We cannot consider the following types of expenses:

  • Those incurred or paid by roommates
  • Those incurred for spouses, children, or other family members
  • Car payments or credit card payments
  • Expenses incurred outside of the current enrollment period

Deadlines and Timeframes

  • Budget Adjustment Appeals will be available one month into the fall semester
  • For fall only enrollment, Budget Adjustment Appeals must be submitted by the last Friday in November.
  • For spring only, academic year, or summer enrollment, Budget Adjustments Appeals must be submitted by the second Friday in April.
  • Processing takes approximately 3 weeks from the time the appeal and all required documentation is received by our office

Important Notes

All expenses submitted for a Budget Adjustment Appeal must be incurred and paid during your enrollment period.  Documentation showing expenses outside of the enrollment period (i.e. car insurance coverage for 12 months) will be pro-rated based upon your actual enrollment

The expenses submitted with the appeal must be greater than the amounts listed in your myPurdue account to change aid eligibility.  To view the estimated cost of attendance calculated by our office, log into myPurdue.  Click the Financial tab.  Select Cost of Attendance from the Quick Links box.  Select the appropriate aid year from the drop-down, and click submit. 

A Budget Adjustment Appeal can only be used to increase Federal Work Study or loan eligibility.  Students who have already borrowed the maximum grade level limit for Stafford Loans will be offered Parent PLUS Loan or Private Loan eligibility, both of which are subject to credit approval.