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Appeal Procedures

Financial aid policies and procedures are established to insure equitable treatment for all students qualified to receive assistance. Because of individual circumstances, a particular student may feel an exception to policies and procedures is warranted. The appeals procedures provide the student with an opportunity to request such an exception. These steps should be followed:

  1. Discuss your situation with a financial aid administrator. In most cases, a counselor will be able to resolve your questions. If you would like to make a change in your financial aid, or you would like to provide us with new information, the administrator will explain what type of revision, if any, is possible. If the revision you are requesting is denied, not DFA policy, or requires special consideration, you may appeal the decision to the Division of Financial Aid Review Committee.

  2. The Review Committee meets once each week and consists of three Financial Aid staff members. If you decide to request that the Review Committee consider your appeal you must submit a written statement. This statement should explain in detail what type of revision you are requesting and why. You should also attach any relevant documentation such as copies of medical bills, letters from academic advisors, or letters from parents. Bring your written request back to the counselor with whom you originally discussed your financial situation. The counselor will submit your appeal to the Review Committee and you will receive a notice of the decision within two weeks. This decision notice will explain the Review Committee decision and the reasons why that decision was made. If you have any questions regarding the decision, you should then make an appointment to discuss your situation with the Chairperson of the Review Committee and/or the person who signed the Review Committee's written reply. How long will it take to receive the outcome of my appeal?

  3. A final appeal may be made to the Executive Director of Financial Aid. After receiving a denial notice and discussing your situation with the Chairperson of the Review Committee, information will be provided concerning your option to appeal the denial decision to the Executive Director of Financial Aid. The Executive Director will review your financial situation and the previous Review Committee decision and provide you with a written reply. This decision is final.