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Parents of Purdue students are a key partner in the financing of a Purdue education. Parents do more than send money; they can help students understand financial concepts, responsibility, and the investment they make in a college education.

Compiled here is a list of tools and tips for Purdue parents:

1. Families should save for college to the extent they are able. The "Paying for Purdue: A Guide For You And Your Family" brochure may be helpful to you in seeking out options for saving for college for your son or daughter.

2. The majority of communication from the university goes directly to the student's school email address, including University billing statements.  University emails to your student may direct them to their myPurdue account for additional information or to take further action.

3. All students should complete the FAFSA annually by Purdue’s March 1 priority filing deadline to be considered for financial aid.

4. We encourage Purdue parents to teach their son or daughter about financial responsibility and how to establish and keep a good credit history. Some resources are available on the MyMoney, Powered by Purdue website to assist with these topics.

5. Most student records are confidential and protected by federal privacy laws. Parents and students should work together to share important communications.

6. Undergraduate students between the ages of 18-24 are considered "dependent" for federal, state and school aid purposes. This means that parent income and tax information is usually required to be supplied on the FAFSA for financial aid consideration.

7. Many Division of Financial Aid services are available to help families during the college financing journey, and we encourage you and your sons and daughters to reach out to us.