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Teaching License Program

Federal regulations state that “...a student enrolled or accepted for enrollment at least half-time in a program required by a state for a professional credential or certification for employment as a teacher in an elementary or secondary school located in that state is eligible to apply for subsidized and unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans and PLUS Loans.”

Students must have a major concentration for a "Teaching License".

This provision does not cover optional work for professional recognition or advancement, or additional optional courses recommended or required by the institution.  The student’s file will be documented to show the student’s enrollment in the state’s required teacher certification courses and that those courses are included in the student’s cost of attendance.Teaching License Program

Students in programs covered under this provision are considered as fifth-year undergraduates and thus may borrow up to $12,500 for independent students per academic year in Federal Stafford Loans ($5,500 subsidized and $7,000 unsubsidized limits for $5,500 for dependent students) or as long as the total amount of the loans does not exceed the aggregate borrowing limit.  Each semester the Division of Financial Aid (DFA) is required to verify that courses for which the students are registered in are required for the Teaching License Program.

Students may also be eligible for Federal Perkins Loan providing if the Federal Application For Student Aid (FAFSA) is filed by the Purdue priority filing date, March 1.  Private loan programs are available for students with eligibility exceeding Federal Stafford, PLUS, and Perkins Loan eligibility. There are a number of lenders who participate in student loan programs permitting applicants to apply for alternative financing of their education.  Loans under these programs are frequently at a higher interest rate which is based on the student’s credit rating.  Students are encouraged to utilize their Federal Stafford Loan eligibility before applying for a private loan.  More information is available on the Private Alternative Loan page.

Student Responsibilities

  • Teacher License students must apply for financial aid for each academic year of enrollment by completing the FAFSA in order to receive Federal Stafford or Perkins Loans. File by March 1 to be considered for Perkins Loan. The Division of Financial Aid will contact the student regarding any additional information needed to complete the aid application.
  • Students must obtain an Evaluation from the Office of Professional Preparation and Licensure (OPPL) which is within the College of Education 494-5486. All students in the Teacher License Program must work with this office. A copy of the Evaluation must be submitted to the DFA Office. The Evaluation must be submitted before DFA can determine the student’s financial aid eligibility; it will then be used to monitor the required course work being taken each semester.

Division of Financial Aid Responsibilities

After the Teacher License student has applied for financial aid, the Division of Financial Aid will:

    • Notify the applicant of any information needed in order to complete the financial aid file.
    • Notify the applicant of eligibility for federal loan programs by sending an aid award notice.
    • Process loan application(s) based on the required criteria.
    • Maintain the Evaluation forms and verify enrollment in the required courses at the time the loan check is received by the University.

Additional Information

The Division of Financial Aid cannot determine courses being substituted for those on the required course list.  Students must obtain a letter from the College of Education verifying acceptable substitution for any course that replaces a required course.

Processed Federal Stafford Loan funds will defer fees and housing on the Bursar billing statement.  DFA cannot release loan disbursements until student’s registered courses are verified as those listed on the required course list.  Applications must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the date fees are due.