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Preparing for Fall Semester

Students should refer to the tips below to stay on top of duties and to get a strong start with fall semester.

Check your aid status

If financial aid has not yet credited the invoice, there may be additional action required.

Are there outstanding requirements? - Students can look under the Financial tab in myPurdue to determine if there are any outstanding requirements (indicated with red flags) that may be delaying financial aid.

What is the SAP status for fall? - The Division of Financial Aid (DFA) is required to calculate a student's academic progress to insure a satisfactory status and financial aid eligibility at the end of each semester. Grades will be posted for students who took summer courses on Wednesday, August 13, and our office will start re-calculating academic progress soon after for all continuing students who have applied for financial aid. Satisfactory academic progress (SAP) should have previously been calculated for students not taking summer courses after spring grades posted. SAP is required to receive financial aid each semester. Students can view their current status and check back after grades post to make sure they are still in good standing for fall semester. Refer to the steps below for more information

1. Log in to myPurdue at mypurdue.purdue.edu

2. Select the Financial tabThree college students

3. Choose Financial Aid Status in the Quick Links menu on the left side

4. Select the appropriate academic year from the drop-down menu; submit

5. Click academic progress (in approximately the 4th line down)

6. Read the message and view the status

7. Satisfactory means no action is required; a warning means the student is still eligible for financial aid but is at risk for becoming ineligible; a denial means academic progress requirements have not been met and in eligible for financial aid. Students with a denial may complete an appeal to try to obtain a probationary semester of financial aid. Academic progress is reviewed after grades post at the end of each semester. More information about Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) can be found at www.purdue.edu/dfa/policies/sap.php.

What is the enrollment level? - Financial aid will not credit the bill until the student's enrollment status matches the enrollment level associated with financial aid eligibility. Students are awarded financial aid with the assumption that they will be full-time (12+ credit hours) for the academic year (fall and spring). For example, if a student is only enrolled in 9 credit hours, their financial aid will not appear as a credit on the invoice. Some students encounter this problem if they are waiting to register for another class, especially if the desired course was previously full. If a student's actual enrollment will be less than full-time or only for one semester, but financial aid is calculated based on full-time enrollment, they need to contact our office so appropriate adjustments can be made.

Pay your bill

After accepted financial aid credits the bill, several options exist if there is still an outstanding balance.

Accept loans - Some loans may be in offered status or indicate that a separate application is required. Refer to www.purdue.edu/dfa/loans/academic-year.php for information about accepting or applying for loans and the suggested timeframes to do so. Complete associated requirements for loan entrance counseling and promissory notes if red flags appear on the Financial Aid Requirements section on the Financial tab in myPurdue.

Sign up for the Installment Plan - Families who have already borrowed available loans and have a remaining balance or choose not to borrow loans to finance the college eduation may prefer to utilize the Installment Plan offered by the Bursar's Office. The Installment Plan divides the remaining balance into four (4) monthly payments for fall semester. Refer to www.purdue.edu/bursar/payments/installment.html for an explanation of the terms and instructions to sign up for the Installment Plan.

Pay balance - Some families may choose to pay an outstanding balance out of pocket instead of, or in addition to, loans or other financial aid. The Bursar's Office outlines payment instructions for making payment online, in person, or through postal mail at www.purdue.edu/bursar/payments/instructions.html#payment.

Confirm your enrollment

Students are required to confirm their enrollment before the start of every semester to avoid classes being cancelled. Instructions are provided at www.purdue.edu/bursar/payments/instructions.html#confirm. Students who have an outstanding balance or have not made the first payment under the Installment Plan will be unable to confirm their enrollment.

Receive refund

If students have more financial aid than the amount of the bill, or if an overpayment has been made, excess funds will be refunded approximately the week before classes begin if all requirements are satisfied. Students will automatically receive a check refund via postal mail unless the option of direct deposit has been indicated by the student through the TouchNet Payment Portal through myPurdue. The Bursar's Office provides instructions with screen shots at http://www.purdue.edu/bursar/pdf/tutorials/authorize-eRefund.pdf. Refunds from Parent PLUS Loans that are specified to go to the parent will be issued by check via postal mail.