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Vet Tech Distance Learning Program

Financial assistance may be available from alternative loan programs.

  • A cosigner may be required if you have no credit, have an insufficient credit history, or are an international student.
  • Alternative loans may also be available to students enrolled less than half time.

Students who meet United States citizenship requirements may be eligible for Federal, state, and/or Purdue University financial aid programs. To apply for Federal, state, and Purdue University student aid programs, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using Purdue’s school code: 001825

  • Most types of Federal aid, including the Stafford Loan program, require that the student be enrolled at least half-time (6 credit hours for undergraduate students).
  • Students who are enrolled less than half-time and do not already have a Bachelor's degree may be eligible to receive a Pell Grant.

For a yearly timeline of financial aid, please review the below information to ensure you understand and follow all necessary steps.

  • Complete the 2015-2016 FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov

      If you are starting in the spring or summer term, you will need to complete the previous year’s FAFSA AND one for the upcoming year.

      Incoming 1516 FAFSA results are downloaded Tuesday evenings and 1415 FAFSAs are downloaded Friday evenings. Once we have a FAFSA, it will take 1-2 weeks to process.

      You will need to log into your myPurdue under the Financial Tab to check several items.

      • - Financial Aid Requirements: Make sure there are no red flags/outstanding requirements
      • - Important Messages: Double check there are no alerts needing attention
      • - Academic Progress: Review your status to ensure you are SATI

  • You can view or accept your Financial Aid Award by following these steps

      1. Log on at https://mypurdue.purdue.edu.

      2. Click on Financial tab.

      3. In the Quick Links column, click on "Award for Aid Year."

      4. Choose appropriate aid year and click submint.

      5. Click on Accept Award Offer tab.

      6. Enter in the amount you would like to borrow in the text box and choose "Accept" from the drop-down box next to the loan you would like to accept.

      7. Click the "Submit Decision" button.

  • Additional Loan Requirements

      • Perkins or Purdue Loans

      • You will receive an email from ECSI, a third party loan servicer, 1-2 business days after you accept the loan. The email will direct you to www.ecsi.net/prom3P so that you can complete a Promissory Note.
      • Perkins Loans require only one Promissory Note, while Purdue Loans require that students complete a new Promissory Note each time a new loan is borrowed.
      • These loans will pay when the following conditions are met:
        • - It is within ten days of the start of your first class
        • - You have signed your Promissory Note and we have it in our system
        • - You have confirmed your enrollment on myPurdue

      • Direct Stafford or Graduate PLUS Loans

      • Direct Stafford Loans are accepted on the student’s myPurdue account, while the Graduate PLUS Loan requires an application located on www.studentloans.gov.
      • Once the Stafford Loans have been accepted and the Graduate PLUS Loan has been approved, borrowers must complete two items: Loan Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note, both of which can be completed at www.studentloans.gov. Both of these last for ten years, so students typically only need to complete each request once.
      • These loans will pay when the following conditions are met:
        • - It is within ten days of the start of your first class
        • - You have completed Loan Entrance Counseling and signed a Master Promissory Note, and we have downloaded these into our system
        • - You have confirmed your enrollment

  • Confirming your Enrollment

      Steps to confirm enrollment:

      • 1. Log into your myPurdue account
      • 2. Select the Financial Tab
      • 3. Click Confirm your Enrollment for the Coming Semester

      This can be done only after your bill has been paid in full or you have made the first payment of the Installment Plan.

      Failure to confirm your enrollment by the deadline may result in the cancellation of your classes.

      If you do not receive a response with green text stating that all enrollment requirements have been satisfied, then you will need to contact our office to determine what is preventing you from confirming.

  • Set Up Direct Deposit

      1. Log into myPurdue at www.mypurdue.purdue.edu

      2. Click on the Financial Tab

      3. Click Manage my Account

      4. Select eRefunds on the toolbar to enter your information

  • Summer Term

      Requires a separate application available on the student’s myPurdue account in mid-March

      Once an award is created for you, you will have to review the information and accept any loans

      You will have Stafford eligibility in the summer if you did not borrow the full academic year limit. Lists of these limits can be found on our website at http://www.purdue.edu/dfa/loans/stafford.php.

      Graduate PLUS Loans are available upon credit approval to help cover any costs not met by Stafford Loans. Students may need to re-apply at www.studentloans.gov.

For information about this program, please visit the Veterinary Technology Distance Learning homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a student taking less than 6 credit hours, am I eligible for a loan deferment?

      No, in-school deferments require at least half-time (6+ credit hours) enrollment.

  • I already have a degree; am I eligible to receive financial aid?

      Yes, but only Stafford Loans if you are meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) or private alternative loans. View your SAP status through your myPurdue account. You may be required to submit an appeal if you have a SAP denial due to exceeding the maximum number of credit hours allowed or other reasons. Credit hours from your previous degree are included in the total calculation. No guarantee of an appeal approval is available, and processing takes approximately 3 weeks.

  • If I don't qualify for traditional financial aid, do I have other payment options?

      You may sign up for the Installment Plan through your myPurdue account and make monthly payments to the Bursar each semester.

  • If I am denied financial aid, what are my options to appeal the decision?

      You may appeal SAP denials as noted above. However, you cannot appeal the 6 credit hour minimum to receive financial aid. This is a Federal regulation.

  • I was admitted two weeks before the start of the semester; can I still receive financial aid?

      Yes, as long as you meet the requirements. Processing of financial aid will typically take longer than 2 weeks, so you will need to pay your bill in full or sign up for the installment plan and make the first payment by the start of the semester to avoid your classes being cancelled for non-payment.

  • If I am waiting for my financial aid to be processed, what other payment options are provided by Purdue?

      You need to pay your bill in full or sign up for the Installment Plan and make the first payment by the start of the semester to avoid your classes being cancelled.

  • If I need to take 6 credit hours to receive financial aid, is it okay to take a class that is not required for my degree?

      No, financial aid may only be provided for courses listed on the Vet Tech Distance Learning plan of study that are related to your academic program.

  • Feel free to contact us at dfa_pec@lists.purdue.edu if you have further questions.