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Student Consumer Information

About Purdue University 2014-2015

Purdue University is recognized as one of the nation’s finest higher education institutions, and we are proud of this distinction. Purdue prohibits discrimination against any member of the University community on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, genetic information, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, or status as a veteran. The university also prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in all educational programs and activities. We welcome inquiries about our programs and services.

The information contained in the PDF document and on these pages gives a brief description of various important pieces of information about Purdue, websites to view this information in detail, and addresses and phone numbers of the offices from which you may request the information. Additional information about specific programs and university services is available from the individual schools, colleges, institutional departments, and offices.

The Student Consumer Regulations of the United States Department of Education require universities to provide students access to specific information that they are entitled to as consumers. Purdue University annually distributes student consumer information via email to all enrolled students.