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DeLean Tolbert

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Engineering Education


First-year PhD student
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Nimisha Bajaj
Debra Lin
Ashley Stroup
Adriana Aguilar

DeLean's Story

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Dreams and Determination

You’ve never met anyone as determined to make a difference as DeLean. (Seriously.)

When she was little, DeLean’s parents taught her the importance of being confident and going after her dreams, no matter what. It’s a lesson that has stuck with her throughout her entire life.

Dare to be Different

Six years into college, DeLean’s dream is to use engineering to make her mark on the world — and trust us, it’s going to be a big one. 

"I plan to reform national educational policy, particularly related to engineering and other STEM areas. I want to work with Michelle Obama and the Department of Education. We’re passionate about the same things, so I think we could make a big difference together."

Get to the Point

"My passion is using math and science to make the world a better place. What we do as engineers has to help people — if it doesn't, then what’s the point?"

DeLean’s Hobbies:

"Engineering isn’t my entire life!"

  • Learning to play new sports
  • Participating in a church organization
  • Hanging out with friends