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How many women are in Purdue Engineering?

Twenty-five percent of undergraduates in the College of Engineering are women. That's over 2000 women studying engineering at Purdue - and we set a new record of women in engineering each year!

Can I schedule a campus visit?

Absolutely! Many students choose to visit campus several times before applying or when making a final decision. Check out our Visit Us page, to learn more. Designed for future Purdue engineering students, it offers you all the information necessary to set up a fun and informative visit to Purdue. Hope to see you here!

Are there any engineering programs or summer camps I can attend?

For campus-wide programs, check out the P-12 portal:

Do I need to know my engineering major when I enter Purdue?

Absolutely not! In fact, all beginning engineering undergraduate students complete a general first-year curriculum through the First-Year Engineering Program before moving forward to their engineering specialty. This gives you time to explore engineering careers, begin learning engineering design, and get strong foundations in math, science, English and computer skills.

Do you have an Honors Program?

The College of Engineering has a challenging and dynamic Honors Program ( that you can join as early as your first year here.

How do I apply for scholarships?

You are automatically considered for Purdue scholarships when you apply. For more information, visit our How to Pay for Purdue Engineering page.

What is the difference between an engineering degree and an engineering technology degree?

At Purdue University, our goal is to help you find the program that is the best fit for you. Both the College of Engineering and the Purdue Polytechnic Institute (PPI) offer excellent degrees, strong job placement and high starting salaries. They both emphasize teamwork, problem solving, and communication.

In a nutshell, the College of Engineering focuses on solving problems and inventing things that don't exist yet. An engineering degree requires in-depth math and science courses, but also gives students many opportunities for hands-on experiences, such as designing new products.

PPI specializes in building new products. In other words, they take and engineer's design and turn it into a real product that we can buy. Technology students take fewer math and science courses than engineering students and provide even more hands-on opportunities.

Can I double major in mechanical and chemical engineering?

Students who are doing well academically can typically double major in two engineering disciplines. But, keep in mind that it will likely add time to your graduation. If you’re interested in two disciplines, an academic advisor at Purdue can give you lots of options, including a double major, for making sure you can study both.

If I am admitted to another school at Purdue, is it possible to switch into the First-Year Engineering Program?

Although it is more difficult, it is possible to switch into the First-Year Engineering Program from another academic school through a process called a Change of Degree Objective (CODO).

Do I need my own computer at Purdue?

Not necessarily. Purdue has 20 computer labs on campus, plus one in every residence hall. Still, more than 95 percent of all engineering students bring their own computers, mostly for the sake of convenience.

How many students are in first-year engineering classes?

First-year classes tend to be big, with some math or science classes having between 150 and 300 students. But don’t worry: these large classes are almost always broken down into smaller study classes (called recitations) of 25-30 students. Each year after your first, your class sizes will shrink.

Are there internship opportunities?

Yep! Most engineering students have at least one internship, usually during the summer. There are tons of companies to choose from and lots of options for making an internship fit both your career goals and your academic goals.

Can I do research as an undergrad?

Absolutely, with plenty of options to choose from. Check out our undergrad research page for more info.

Can I get an engineering degree in four years?

YES! With the exception of the five-year Professional Practice Program option or dual degree programs, all engineering degrees are designed as four-year programs, although you are free to take more than four years if it fits your plan best.

Do engineering students live in the same residence hall?

The College of Engineering is the largest college on Purdue's campus, so our students are spread out across all of the residence halls. If you’re interested in being roomies with another engineering student, you might want to check out the Engineering Learning Communities option: