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A Study of the Impact of Islam on the Political Participation of the Peasants in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

LUO Qiangqiang

Lecturer, Sociology, Ningxia University



Taking Ningxia Hui autonomous region as an example, the author will use deep interviews and questionnaires to research whether the Hui’s political participation is subject to the impact of Islam. If this is so, what is the impact? At the same time, the author plans to do an on-the-spot investigation through this research of the evolvement of the political consciousness and attitudes of the Hui, and how the Hui have faced the social transitions and changes caused by modernization and globalization. The author will also try to assess objectively the scope and depth of the Hui’s requirements for political rights. Finally, the author will provide factual information and scientific arguments for adjusting and renewing the rural policy of national regions.

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