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Traditional Religious Culture and Chinese Entrepreneurship-A Case Study of Private Entrepreneur Community in Southeast China


Assistant Research Fellow, Sociology, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences



The project will formulate a “condition-state” multi-dimensions research framework by which to perform quantitative and qualitative analysis of the complex practical relationship between contemporary Chinese urban religious organizations with different religious tradition and the social integration of Migrant Rural Workers(MRWs). The Project will answer the following questions: whether do the Christian and the Buddhist groups remarkably influence the social integration of MRWs? Which differences are there in the degree and type of these influence? What role does the religiosity have in the relationship between the religious organization and MRWs? This research will expands the breadth of perspectives of Chinese social-scientific study of religion by introducing some new concepts and methods developed in the western academic field of social integration study, and the study of relationship between religion and international migration. More importantly, this research offers a theoretical and experiential basis for further discussions on the structural position and the social space of religion in the period of social transition ,and the relationship between contemporary Chinese religions and the construction of Chinese civil society.


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