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Operation and Impact of Grey Religion Market in Rural Heilongjiang Province: an Empirical Study Based on Social Capital

FAN Zhihui

Professor, Religious Studies, Heilongjiang University



Based on religion market theory and triple religions market theory, the present research attempts to test and develop religion market theory by investigating the process and mechanism of Catholic, Christian, Hinduism, Shaman and folk religion in Heilongjiang rural area. Taking social capital as the main perspective and collectiong data by structural questionnaire and semi-structured interviewing, the study comprehensively use quantitative method like structural equation method and social network analysis,and qualitative method such as comparison, categorization and dedcution. The main content includs:1) Describe the situations of religious followers, organizations and cultural in rural Heilongjiang province. Focuses include attitude and action of followers, structure and cultural of religious organizations, competitions among different religions and the impact of government regulations on grey religion market. 2) Construct and test a theoretical model to explain the process and mechanism of grey religion market based on social capital and under government regulation. 3) Analyze the history of the change of followers and villages. 4) Investigate the impacts of grey religion marke on faith, action and social capital of religious followers,on competitions among different religions and on government regulations.


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