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Zhongjian Mou
MOU Zhongjian



Professor and Ph.D. Advisor at the College of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Central University for Nationalities



MOU Zhongjian is Professor and Ph.D. Advisor at the College of Philosophy and Religious Studies and Chief Expert of the 985 Project of the Research Center on Important Contemporary Ethnic and Religious Issues at Central University for Nationalities. He is also Vice Chairman of the Association of Chinese Religious Studies, Board Member of the International Confucian Association, Advisor of China Confucius Foundation, Member of the Academic Committee of the Institute for the Study of Buddhism and Religious Theories at Renmin University, and Member of the Academic Committee of the Institute of Confucianism Studies at Renmin University. Dr. Mou has engaged in research of the history of Chinese religions, Confucius, and Daoism for many years. His major publications include: A General History of Religion in China (co-authored with ZHANG Jian), New Explorations of Confucian Values, Approaching Chinese Spirit, Religion, Literature, Art, and Folk Customs, A General Survey of Daoism (editor-in-chief), and Exploring Religion. In recent years, his research has focused on ethnic and religious issues, endeavoring to combine ethnology and religious studies for the establishment of a new discipline—Ethnic Religious Studies. An Introductory Survey on Ethnic Religious Studies, for which he is editor-in-chief, is in press, which aims to demonstrate the Pluralistic-Assimilatory Model of Chinese religious culture from the cultural ecological approach. Professor Mou is author of more than 300 articles, including “First Investigation on the Traditional Patriarchal Religion in China”, “A Short Essay on Daoist Spirit”, “On Confucian View of Religion”, “Kumarajiva and Yao Xing”, “Historical Contributions and Theoretical Difficulties of New Confucianism”, “On the Phenomenon of FENG Yulan”, “A Tentative Argument on Ethnic Rationality and Religious Rationality”, “Rethinking Marxist View of Religion”, “Confucianism in Thinking”, and “The Chinese Model of the Ecology of Religious Culture”, etc.


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