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GONG Zhebing

Zhongjian Mou
ZHANG Zhigang



Professor of Religious Studies at the College of Philosophy at Wuhan University




GONG Zhebing is Professor of Religious Studies at the College of Philosophy, Wuhan University, Ph.D. Advisor, and Associate Director of the Institute of Religious Studies. He is also the Director of the Center of Nüshu (Women’s script) Study of Wuhuan University, Vice President of the Chinese Association for the Study of Laozi and Daoist Culture, President of the Art Society of Chinese Nüshu, board member of the Chinese Association of Anthropology, Associate Director of the Board of Wuhan Sexology Association, and a member of the Writers’ Association of the Hubei Province. Applied anthropological field research methods to study Chinese Buddhism, Daoism, and Christianity, he published many reports and The Fieldwork Research in the Anthropology of Religion. His other major works include Establishment of Daoism—Questioning the Systems of Materialism and Idealism in the History of Chinese Philosophy, A Study of the History of Dialectics in the Late Zhou Dynasty, Contemporary Daoist Philosophy and Religion, and A Translation of the Pure Land Patriarch Huiyuan’s Essay (co-author).


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