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LI Xiangping

Xiangping Li
Xiangping Li


Professor and Ph.D. Advisor;
Director of the Center for Studies of Religion and Society at Shanghai University





LI Xiangping is Professor and Ph.D. Advisor, and Director of the Center for Studies of Religion and Society at Shanghai University. He is a Board Member of the Chinese Association of Religious Studies, and of the Association of Social History of China, and the President of the Association of Religious Studies of Shanghai Municipality. He received his Ph.D. degree in History from the Institute of Chinese History at East China Normal University. He has been teaching at the College of Liberal Arts at Shanghai University since October 1989. He was a visiting scholar at Yokohama University, Taisho University, Osaka University, Boston University, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His areas of research interest include history of Chinese religions, religion in contemporary China, and the sociology of religion. His major publications are: Spirits of Ancestors; Power of the Emperor VS. Power of God; Save the World, Save the Heart: Buddhist Revivals in Modern China; Death and Transcendence; Conflicts of Cultural Legitimacy (collection of articles); Sociological Interpretations of Religion in Contemporary China; Beliefs, Revolutions and the Order of Power—Sociological Studies of Chinese Religions; Buddhist Beliefs and Social Change (collection of articles), etc. In the last five years, he has published nearly 100 articles in China and abroad on religion in China today and sociology of religion.


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