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Summit Program & Schedule - Friday, Oct.10th, 2008

Simultaneous interpretation between Chinese and English will be provided for all the sessions on October 9-10.


8:00-10:00  V. Applying Contemporary Theories to Understand Religion in China

  1. Kenneth Dean, McGill University: Local Ritual Traditions of Southeast China: a Challenge to Definitions of Religion and Theories of Ritual
  2. Mayfair Yang, University of Sidney: What’s Missing in the “Wenzhou Model”?: Ritual Economy & Georges Bataille’s Notion of “Sovereignty”
  3. SUN Shangyang, Peking University:  The Opposition and Coexistence of Secularization and Desecularization
  4. ZHANG Zhigang, Peking University.  Religion and International Hot Problems: The Profound Impacts of the Religious Factor on Major International Conflicts after the Cold War
  5. HE Qimin, Central University for Nationalities: Exploring the Relationship Between Religion and Ethnicity in China


10:00-10:20 Break


10:20-12:00  VI. Globalization and Religions in China

  1. ZHUO Xinping, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: “Globalized” Religion and the Modern Chinese Society
  2. Daniel Bays, Calvin College: Protestantism in Modern China as 'Foreign Religion' and 'Chinese Religion': Autonomy, Independence, and the Constraints of Foreign Hegemony
  3. David Palmer, University of Hong Kong: From Local Tradition to Global Spirituality: some issues in the Social Scientific Study of Taoism in the Modern Era.
  4. FANG Wen, Peking University: The Believer-Citizen Dilemma in the Polity: The Membership Approach


12:00-1:30 Lunch


1:30-3:15  VII. Religion and the Harmonious Society

  1. Robert Weller, Boston University: Religion, Ritual and the Public Good in China
  2. LIU Peng, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: On the Problems of Developing a Mechanism for Religion to Participate in Social Service
  3. GAO Bingzhong and MA Qiang, Peking University:  From Grass-root Association to Civil Society: A Close Look at the Organization of a Temple Fair
  4. YUAN Yue, Horizon Group: A Survey research on Spiritual Life of Chinese Residents


3:15-3:45 Break


3:45-5:30 VIII. Social and Spiritual Capital in the Market Economy of China


  1. YANG Fenggang, Purdue University:  The Project Overview
  2. LI Xiangping, Shanghai University: Christian Enterprises: The Protestant Ethic and Social Trust in Contemporary China
  3. GAO Shining, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences:  Religious Faith and the Market Economy: A Study of Faith and Trust of Chinese Catholic Entrepreneurs
  4. WANG Yuting, University of Notre Dame: Whom to Trust, Allah or Men? The Direction of Social Trust among Chinese Muslim Entrepreneurs
  5. WEI Dedong, Renmin University: A Study of Faith and Trust of Buddhist Businesspeople in China Today
  6. GONG Zhebing, Wuhan University: An Analysis of Chinese Daoist Businesspeople


Evening:  Reception and Banquet



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