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Visa Information

A visa issued by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China is required to enter China.  To find the Consulates General closest to your area of residence in US, please visit the following web site:


To apply for a Business (F) Visa, you need to summit the following documents:
1.  Passport: Your valid passport must have at least six (6) months of remaining validity with at least one blank visa page in it.
2.  Application form: One completed Visa Application Form (Q1)
3.  Photo: one passport photo (black & white or color is acceptable) glued or stapled on the application form.
4.  Non-US passport bearers shall provide documents (US Green Card or Work Visa) that entitle them to reside or work for an extended period of time in the US.
5.  An applicant who was born in China is required to submit his /her Chinese passport or last foreign passport with a Chinese visa when he/she applies for a Chinese visa with a new foreign passport.
6.  Round trip air tickets and hotel reservation.
7.  A Visa Notification issued by an authorized Chinese unit. (This is the letter of invitation from Peking University)


You may also visit the web site of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China for more detail information:
USA: http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/hzqz/zgqz/t84247.htm
Canada: http://www.chinaembassycanada.org/eng/lsfw/t425197.htm
Australia: http://au.china-embassy.org/eng/ls/default.htm
UK: http://www.chinese-embassy.org.uk/eng/lsyw/chivisa/t424261.htm


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