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How to get to Bejing:Beijing Internation Airport


If you are an international visitor, you will most probably be travelling by plane and would arrive at the international airport, Peking Capital International Airport (Airport code: PEK).  The airport hosts most of the major airlines.  To see a list of carriers, please visit the web site of the airport. http://en.bcia.com.cn/flight/infor080710.html


How to get to Peking University:


To go to the Lake View Hotel or Peking University, you may take a taxi from the airport.  For the details, please visit the following web page:

Custom Information:


The following is a list of items forbidden for entry by the People’s Republic of China:
      I. According to Notice on Inspection and Quarantine for Immigration to China, the       following items are prohibited for entry:


    • Human's blood and its products;
    • Fruits, capsicum, eggplant and tomato;
    • Animal corpse and its specimen
    • Soil;
    • Animal pathogen, destructive insect and other harmful organism;
    • Alive animal (except pet dog or cat) and animal's genetic material, including semen, fertilized egg and embryo, etc.;
    • Egg, pelt, bristle, coffin bone, horn, meat (including viscera) and their products; fresh milk, cheese, butter, cream, whey mist, silkworm chrysalis, silkworm egg, animal's blood and their products; aquatic animal products;
    • Transgene biological material;
    • Worn-out clothes.

      II. According to applicable provisions issued by China Customs, the following items       are prohibited for entry:


    • All kinds of weapons, imitative weapons, ammunition and explosive objects;
    • Spurious currency and feigned marketable securities;
    • Print, film, photo, disk, movie, tape, videotape, videodisc, laser disk, computer storage medium and other objects, which are harmful to Chinese politics, economy, culture and morality;
    • Various acrid poison;
    • Opium, morphine, diamorphine, bhang, as well as other dope and psychoactive drug that may cause addiction;
    • Animal, plant and their products, with dangerous germ, destructive insect and other harmful organism;
    • Foodstuff, medicine or other objects, which are from epidemic areas and harmful to human and animal's health, or other pestiferous ones.

      The following is a list of items permitted for entry but must be declared for       quarantine:


    • Seed, nursery stock and other progenitive materials, tobacco, cereal and beans (The quarantine inspection and approval procedures must be handled prior to immigration);
    • Fresh flower, cut flower and dried flower;
    • Vegetal samples, exhibits and specimen;
    • Dried fruits,dried vegetables,preserved vegetables and frozen vegetables;
    • Bamboo,rattan,willow,grass and wood products;
    • Pets,including dog and cat, etc. (Each passenger is allowed to carry one pet,with Hydrophobia Immunity Certificate and Quarantine Certificate issued by the departing country or local Quarantine Authority.The pet must be isolated 30 days for quarantine purpose at the place designated by China Inspection and Quarantine Authority after its immigration.)
    • Human's blood and its products, microorganism, human's tissue and biological products, which are specially required for import.

If the above-mentioned items are carried with you, please contact China Inspection and Quarantine Authority on your own initiative for declaration and have them inspected.



The climate in Beijing is “Continental Monsoon” with distinctly recognizable four seasons.  In October, the average maximum temperature is about 66.2° F, and average low is 45.1° F.



China uses a 220 volt power supply.



Chinese currency is "Renminbi (RMB)". "Yuan" is the most popular unit of "Renminbi". Check the following link to get the information of current exchange rates: www.xe.com



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