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3E TV is a new tv series that features students on campus that are making a cultural, academic, and impactful difference at Purdue and the community.  3E stands for "engaging and entertaining education".  These innovative and dedicated featured students share their insights on what it means to be a Purdue student in every aspect, allowing the audience to get a "glimpse" in the life of an active and engaged Purdue student.

Overcoming Language Barriers                                   enCORE Interactive Theater


Life of Internactional Students                                    Boiler Out


Multinational Integration Xchange I                             IMPACT Experience I


IMPACT Experience II                                                 IMPACT experience III


Habitat for Humanity                                                    United Way


Lafayette Adult Resource Academy                             Purdue Review


Adams Mill Project                                                   Civic Engagement & Leadership


Ayuda y Aprende Program                                         Latino Graduate Student Organization


Study Abroad                                                             College Mentors for Kids


Multinational Integration Xchange II                           Thrill of Thrift Fashion Show


Intercultural Friendship