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Technology for Teaching

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Technology has altered the landscape of higher education. The internet, laptops, PDAs, and other electronic resources and means have altered the way students access, share, and use information. Possibilities offered by technology include fast access to vast bodies of information, resemblance of real life experience through simulation, collaboration that spans time and distance, synchronous and asynchronous communication, mobility, and self-paced learning, just to mention a few. How are you responding to the seemingly ever-increasing technology literacy of today's and tomorrow's students and the possibilities technology offers for higher education?

When contemplating the use of technology for educational purposes it is important to remember that technology is a means and not an end in itself. As with other tools, the effective use of technology depends on understanding its features, functions, and possibilities and matching those with the outcome to be accomplished. Grounding the use of technology in sound pedagogy is another key factor for increasing the likelihood of facilitating students' achievement of given learning outcomes through the use of technology.

Purdue has a sound support system for faculty to investigate and utilize technology to accomplish our teaching goals and learning outcomes for our students. There are pedagogical and technical services and support whether we want to use a simple web page, a course management system, evaluate students, have an entire course online, and/or an asynchronous capacity.

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