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Student Misconduct

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Colleges are learning communities, and individuals accepted into these communities have both the privileges and responsibilities of membership. Further, there are explicit theories about how campuses best promote student learning and growth. A genuine shared purpose among all members of a campus community can be created by recoupling individual rights with a sense of personal and social responsibility around issues of teaching and learning. This requires that we set and communicate our expectations, and to do this we must operate with a set of standards. When a student breaches the Student Code of Conduct, instructors are charged with the right and responsibility to corrective actions against the student. Each university has their own unique set regulations which delineate a student's rights, responsibilities, and the code of conduct that must be followed. The information provided in this teaching tip is specific to Purdue University and is based on the information provided by the Office of the Dean of Students' Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

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