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Learning Styles

As instructors, it's helpful to know that your students have different learning styles. For instance, when you're teaching:

  • Some students will always raise their hands. Others will need more time to reflect before they answer.
  • In order to get abstract random students to answer questions, it helps if you ask them "feeling" questions. (e.g. "How do you feel about this?")
  • Some students will work well in groups, others will hate working in groups.
  • Some students will follow you around and drive you crazy wanting to know "is this right?" They need external validation. Other students never check with you, and they should!
  • Some students like authoritarian personalities -- others bristle.
  • Some students don't mind showing their work to others, others are much more private.

Using a variety of teaching methods, activities, and assessment methods will help to accommodate the different learning styles of your students.