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PETE's PALs Program Overview

The PETE's PALs (Physical Education Teacher Educators Supporting Physical Activity and Life Skills) program is an aquatic and motor program offered for children with disabilities. The program is designed to help the participating children become efficient movers in a fun and safe environment. Each child in the program is assigned a trained clinician who will work one on one for the two hour gym and swim program.

A child's program may include:

Physical fitness activities to improve muscular strength, endurance and flexibility.
Body awareness and special orientation.
Fundamental and motor-patterns and sport skills.
Swimming and water safety skills.
Sensory motor activities.

Interested in registering for PETE's PALs?

Cost -- $30.00 (checks made payable to Purdue University)
Registration materials should be returned by February 14, 2014.
To download a child registration package -- click here.
Please contact the PETE's PALs Team (petespalspurdue@gmail.com) with questions.
Role of the PETE's PALs Clinician

The program is designed to offer Purdue University students the opportunity to gain professional experience and an opportunity to apply theory to practice, while also providing a valuable community service element to PETE's PALS. The clinicians are recruited undergraduate and/or graduate students from Purdue’s education and therapy disciplines who have shown an eagerness to work in the program and demonstrate a willingness to learn and accept an educational challenge to motivate and teach children and youth with disabilities. Interested students will be interviewed and agree to the commitment of the PETE's PALS program. Throughout the program, undergraduate students will not only benefit from the interactions with expert educators and therapists, but also from valuable hands-on learning experience through the program’s orientation and training.

Interested in becoming a clinician for PETE's PALs?
Registration materials should be returned by February 14, 2014.
To download the clinician application package -- click here.
Please contact K. Andrew Richards (petespal@purdue.edu) with questions.