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When you have an attitude of intercultural curiosity not only do you have a minimal interest in learning more about other cultures, but you also move from asking simple questions to asking deeper questions. As you seek answers to these questions, you can eventually articulate answers to questions reflecting multiple cultural perspectives.

This assignment involves two parts. The first part is to conduct a Google image search of the “cultural iceberg theory”, and study the differences between the aspects of culture above the water line and below the water line. From the multiple images of cultural iceberg theory, evaluate which image is best at helping you to understand the theory. Copy and paste this image into a Word document or other file.

The second half of this assignment is to produce a cross word puzzle with at least 30 questions relating to the culture of the country or countries you will be visiting in study abroad (or that you would like to visit in the future). You may craft your questions and find the correct one word answers from the topics of one or both of the cultural iceberg image you selected or the topics below taken from What’s Up with Culture (Please note this is an excellent site and resource for you to get even more out of your study abroad trip.)

Topic ideas for part II

  • Religious beliefs and the relationship of humans to the supernatural.
  • Political power and the exercise of leadership in governance.
  • Concepts of justice, fairness, punishment, and right conduct.
  • Child raising and traditional processes of acculturation.
  • Economic organization and division of labor.
  • Rites of passage (life cycle celebrations), rituals, and ceremonies.
  • Expression and style in the graphic and performing arts.
  • Food preferences and rules concerning consumption.
  • Nonverbal communication patterns and gestures.
  • Concepts of humans' place and role in the natural world.
  • Myths and cultural heroes to explain and commemorate core values.
  • Dissemination of ideas about beauty, love, truth, friendship, and loyalty.
  • Notions of modesty and age-appropriate dress styles and behavior.
  • Ideas of what time is and its relative importance.
  • Concerns about individual versus collective privilege and responsibility.
  • Conceptions about personal space and privacy.
  • Definitions of gender and associated strengths, duties, and roles.


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