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When you have an attitude of intercultural openness, you are open to interacting with other people who are culturally different from you. You begin to initiate and develop relationships with other people who come from a different country, have a Passport from a country other than your own, and often who speak a native language other than your own. Intercultural openness eventually leads to the ability to suspend judgment when interacting with cultural differences.

In this assignment you are to build a collage of “selfie” photos (self-portrait photo of self and another person usually taken with a camera phone) of yourself with persons who are culturally different from you, that you have been cross culturally open with, and initiated the opportunity to begin to build a relationship and perhaps a friendship. The assignment is to identify culturally different persons who come from a country different than you do, who have a Passport from a country different than you do, and ideally who speak a native language different from your first language. Sit down with one of these persons, perhaps sharing a meal or attending an event together. During this time you will exchange answers to the following list of questions. Without providing the name of the person or any identification, write the person’s responses in Word document or other file. Take a picture of yourself with this other person and begin to place these pictures together as a collage. You might consider using Popplet software to construct this assignment. See http://popplet.com/

List of questions

1. Describe your family lineage or constellation … parent(s), brothers, sisters, ages, birth order, grandparents & etc.

2. What is one word you would use to describe yourself as a child?

3. If you could change one thing about how you were raised as a child, what would it be?

4. How do you recharge or recuperate your energy at the end of a difficult day?

5. If you were to thank one person for helping you become the person you are today, who would it be and why?

6. When are you the happiest?

7. What one memory do you most treasure?

8. Fill in the blank: If you really knew me, you'd know_________.

9. What would you be doing if you weren't a student or at your current job?

10. What more are you wanting as a student or in your career right now?

11. How do you react to stress?

12. What movie or novel character do you most identify with?

13. What quality in yourself would you hate to see emulated in others, especially children?

14. If you were to start a company from scratch, what values would you build it on?

15. What would you most regret not having accomplished by the end of your life?

16. What characteristic do you most admire in others?

17. What kind of impact do you believe you have on people?

18. What super power would you like to have?

19. What would your "perfect" day consist of?

20. What's the most important lesson you've learned in the last year?

21. How do you think your coworkers/peers see you?

22. If you ruled the world, what would you change on Day 1?

23. If you knew you only have one year left to live, would you change anything about the way you are living right now?

24. What one thing about yourself do you want in your elegy?

25. What are you most afraid of, relating to failing?

Adapted from 25 Revealing Questions That Build Better Work Relationships by Shelley Prevost.


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