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When you have knowledge of cultural worldview frameworks, you can understand the elements important to members of another culture. These elements can relate to the culture’s history, values, politics, communication styles, economy, beliefs, and practices.

In this assignment you are required to look up the answers to the following topics on the country or countries you will be visiting (or you would like to visit in the future). In addition to writing the answers as a Word document or other file to these topics, please provide images from the Internet, links or websites to add clarity to your learning. For example, the first topic is the name of the head of state, perhaps the president, king, queen, etc. Please look up an image of this person and insert it into your Word document or other file.

The following list of topics comes from pages 129 -130 in Preparing to Study Abroad: Learning to Cross Cultures by Steven T. Duke. This fun and easy to read book is highly recommended reading.

For the country or countries you will visit (or would like to visit in the future), what are the:

Political Systems

Name the head of state (president, king, queen, etc.) and the prominent members of his or her family (include images or photos).

Names of other key government leaders (prime minister, foreign minister, minister of internal affairs, etc. (include images or photos).

Format and function of the national government and national legislature

Names of major political parties.

Name of the mayor or leader of the city where you will stay (include image or photo).

Are national elections held, how frequently, and when was the last election.

Religions and faith Traditions

Names of leaders of major religions or faith systems (include images or photos).

Key beliefs or traditions (include images or photos).

What each religion or faith tradition teaches regarding life, death, and interaction with others.


Names of major companies that operate in the country or countries you will visit and what they produce (include links to websites).

Major exports or imports common predictions for how well the economy will perform in the next few years.

Sports and Exercise

Name of the sports leagues and teams located in the city or region you will visit (include images, photos, and websites).

Colors, emblems, and logos of those sports teams (include images).

Common forms of exercise among the general population (include photos).

Languages and Ethnic groups

Names of the major ethnic groups.

Rough proportion of the population that speaks a dominant language.

What are the dominant language and the non-dominant languages of the country or countries you will visit? (include a link to a video of persons speaking these languages).

Languages used to conduct official business and why.

Languages taught most commonly in schools and why.


Name of major holidays and when they take place (include images or photos).

How do people generally celebrate these holidays? (include images or photos).

What are the meanings of these holidays?

Common foods, music, art associated with those holidays (include images and photos).

Music and Art

Names of major artists and musicians (include images or photos).

Names of famous artists whose works appear in museums or art galleries (include images of photos).


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