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Support Academic Integrity

Proctoring helps support and enhance academic integrity — and the Purdue Proctor Pool is a resource for faculty, staff and graduate instructors (typically in large classes) who need help supervising exams. More information for instructors and potential proctors follows. If you have questions or comments, reach out to us at CIE@purdue.edu.

What do proctors do?

A proctor's main responsibility is to walk around the exam room, be alert and observant, and look for any signs of cheating. All proctors attend a training session to learn about common ways students cheat. If they observe any cheating, proctors will inform the instructor — they won't handle the situation on their own. Also, proctors won't answer questions about the exam, but will refer questions to the instructor. Remember, proctoring's goal is to help instructors, not serve as a substitute for instruction or exam facilitation.

Proctors arrive 15 minutes before the exam (unless told otherwise) and wait for specific directions. When the exam is over, proctors can stay to assist as long as it doesn't extend beyond the time scheduled.

Instructors, please record the exact time of your proctor's arrival and departure on the timesheet and sign it.

How do I schedule a proctor?

Email this information to CIE@purdue.edu at least one week before your exam date:

  • Instructor's phone and email
  • Course number and number of students
  • Date of the exam and start/end times
  • Location of the exam
  • Number of proctors requested

When your proctors are assigned, you'll receive their names via email. We do our best to accommodate everyone, but sometimes the volume of requests exceeds the number of proctors available. Please submit your request as soon as possible — even as early as the beginning of the semester.

What are the qualifications to be a proctor?

We give priority to graduate students who have held or currently hold assistantships (research or teaching) at Purdue. Experience teaching at the college level is also preferred.

What is the salary?

As a proctor, you receive $12.15 per hour for each exam, as well as for attending a required one-hour training session. Document the hours you work by bringing a timesheet form to the Center for Instructional Excellence secretary after each assignment. More specific payroll information is provided during your training session.

Are there any restrictions on the number of hours proctors can work?

  • Graduate students who hold half-time assistantships can work an additional 20 hours a week.
  • Graduate students with three-quarter time assistantships can work an additional 10 hours a week.
  • International graduate students holding quarter-time assistantships can work an additional 10 hours a week.
  • International graduate students with half-time assistantships can serve as proctors during the summer, but not during the regular school year.

How do I sign up to be a proctor?

Stop by the Center for Instructional Excellence in Young Hall, Room 730, to provide your contact information and availability and complete paperwork for payroll. Then you'll be ready to attend one of our one-hour training sessions, which are announced via email.

How will I be notified of my assignments?

You'll receive an email with the date, time and location of each proctoring assignment. Please let our office know via return email within one working day whether you're available to work the scheduled exam.