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General or Interdisciplinary Journals on Teaching

Academic Commons
Provides a Web resource for academics, librarians, administrators and other professionals on liberal arts education. Focuses on opportunities for collaborative design and peer critique of resources.

Academic Exchange Quarterly
Provides ideas, research, methods, and pedagogical theories leading to effective instruction and learning regardless of level or subject.

Active Learning in Higher Education
Devoted to all aspects of development, innovation and good practice in higher education, including the use of Communication and Information Technologies (C&IT).

Assessment Update
Dedicated to covering the latest developments in higher education assessment. Offers academic leaders up-to-date information and advice on conducting assessments in a range of areas, including student learning and outcomes, faculty instruction, academic programs and institutional functioning.

Arts and Humanities in Higher Education
Serves the community of arts and humanities educators internationally by publishing significant opinion and research into contemporary issues of teaching and learning within the domain. These will include enquiries into policy, the curriculum and appropriate forms of assessment, as well as developments in method such as electronic modes of scholarship and course delivery.

Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning
Deals with contemporary issues in higher learning to stimulate and inform colleges, universities, government and beyond. Uses a magazine format to spotlight trends, new insights and ideas, and analyzes educational programs, policies and practices.

The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Peer reviewed, trans-disciplinary, open-access electronic journal created and supported by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) .

Cognition and Instruction
An interdisciplinary publication devoted to cognitive investigations of instruction and learning.

Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching
Publishes a collection of peer-reviewed essays from presentations at the annual STLHE (Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education) Conference.

College Teaching
Cross-disciplinary journal that focuses on how teachers can improve student learning through practical classroom strategies.

Deliberations (website — http://www.londonmet.ac.uk/deliberations)
An international website on issues of teaching and learning for the higher education community. A resource for academic and other staff supporting teaching and learning in higher education and around the world, as well as an interactive forum for participants to discuss and develop ideas.

F-LIGHT (E-newsletter from the TLT Group)
Provides inquiries on the evaluations or assessments relating to the educational use of technology.

Higher Education Research and Development
Aims to inform and challenge researchers, teachers, and others about the future of higher education by publishing articles on theory and practice in higher education. Includes reviews, case studies, historical and other types of essays relating to higher education.

Innovative Higher Education
Presents fresh ideas in higher education in a readable, straightforward fashion. Focuses on evaluations and innovations and new ideas for practices in higher education.

InSight: A Journal of Scholarly Teaching
InSight emphasizes the enhancement of post-secondary education through the professional exchange of scholarly approaches and perspectives applicable to the enrichment of teaching and learning.

Instructional Science
Promotes a deeper understanding of the nature, theory and practice of the instructional process and of the learning to which it gives rise. The journal provides a forum for communication among experts from different disciplines.

Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning
Publishes relevant, interesting, and challenging articles of research, analysis, or promising practice related to all aspects of implementing problem-based learning in K-12 and post-secondary classrooms.

International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
An open, peer-reviewed, international electronic journal published twice a year by the Center for Excellence in Teaching at Georgia Southern University to be an international vehicle for articles, essays, and discussions about the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) and its applications in higher/tertiary education today.

International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Provides broad coverage of higher education pedagogy and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) across diverse content areas, educational institutions and levels of instructional expertise. The specific emphasis of IJTLHE is the dissemination of knowledge for improving higher education pedagogy.

Inventio: Creative Thinking about Teaching and Learning (online journal)
Features peer-reviewed articles on instructional research and philosophy, pedagogy, learning, and other issues in teaching and learning. Also contains shorter articles on classroom practices about issues raised in the journal.

Features peer-reviewed articles on instructional research, instructional philosophy, pedagogy, learning theory, and other significant issues related to excellence in learning and teaching. In addition to these feature articles, Inventio also includes shorter articles on classroom practice and response and dialog sections about issues raised in the feature articles.

Issues of Teaching and Learning
Online journal published by the University of Western Australia Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning.

Journal of Classroom Interaction
Devoted to empirical investigations and theoretical papers dealing with observation techniques, research on student and teacher behavior, and other issues relevant to the domain of classroom interaction.

Journal of College Teaching and Learning
The Journal of College Teaching & Learning (TLC) welcomes articles in all areas of K-12 and college level teaching, learning and administration.

Journal of Cognitive Affective Learning
Publishes articles on the development of teaching practices and programs that promote the connection between emotions and learning.

Journal of Effective Teaching
Devoted to the discussion of teaching excellence in colleges and universities. Publishes articles on effective teaching and scholarship of teaching practices, invites contributors to share insights, and contains articles that draw upon discipline-based research on teaching practices.

Journal of Faculty Development
An independent peer-reviewed journal that shares exchanges of information on professional development in higher education. Includes research studies using qualitative or quantitative methods and essays on theory and philosophy. Also publishes articles on education pedagogy, curriculum, leadership and evaluation.

Journal of Graduate Teaching Assistant Development
Focuses on helping teaching assistants develop as instructors, and helps institutions in developing their role in higher education. 

The Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (JoSoTL)
Encourages all instructors to engage in the discussion of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), and to become involved in the sharing of knowledge and learning about the teaching-learning process. The journal provides a publication outlet for research in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and an online forum for engagement with the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

The Journal of Student Centered Learning
Focus is on learning approaches that have strong student centered components (e.g., cooperative learning, collaborative learning, learning communities, problem based learning, project based learning, service learning, case method, peer based learning, paired or grouped courses, adult learning, experiential learning, constructivist learning). (NOTE: This journal has been combined with The Journal of Faculty Development.)

Journal of The First-Year Experience & Students In Transition
Provides current research and scholarship on the first year, now with an expanded focus to include other student transitions. Dedicated to the collegiate success and survival of students in transition, it publishes scholarship about the factors that relate to student success and survival.

Journal of the Learning Sciences
Multidisciplinary forum for the presentation of cognitive research on teaching and learning.

Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice
Published in Australia, the Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice is a biannual, peer-reviewed journal publishing papers that add significantly to the body of knowledge describing effective and innovative teaching and learning practice in the higher education environment. The journal aims to provide a forum for educational practitioners in a wide range of disciplines to communicate their teaching and learning outcomes in a scholarly way. Its purpose is to bridge the gap between journals covering purely academic research and more pragmatic articles and opinions published elsewhere.

Journal on Excellence in College Teaching
The journal provides a scholarly, written forum for discussion by faculty about all areas affecting teaching and learning, and gives faculty the opportunity to share proven, innovative pedagogies and thoughtful, inspirational insights about teaching.

LATISS: Learning and Teaching in the Social Sciences
A peer-reviewed journal that uses social sciences to critically reflect on learning and teaching in the changing context of higher education. Invites students and staff to explore education practices and national education practices.

Learning and Individual Differences
Devoted to publishing articles that contribute to an understanding of individual differences within an educational context.

Learning and Instruction
Multi-disciplinary journal that provides a platform for the publication of the research in the areas of learning, development, instruction and teaching.

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LATHE)
Published in the United Kingdom, LATHE is an interdisciplinary refereed journal providing an accessible international forum for scholarly debate related to learning, teaching and assessment in higher education. LATHE aims to serve as an effective dissemination mechanism for pedagogic research and development through the publication of scholarly articles, book reviews and case studies of effective practice. The editorial board encourages contributions that promote innovative teaching, learning and assessment approaches and that may be considered for adoption or adaptation by academics worldwide.

Learning Communities Journal
A peer-reviewed journal published by and for faculty, faculty developers, and administrators at universities and two- and four-year colleges to share research about, experiences with, and student and faculty learning through learning communities. The journal provides a scholarly, written forum for discussion about all areas affecting faculty and student learning communities, and gives community participants the opportunity to share proven, innovative strategies and thoughtful, inspirational insights.

Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning
Invites articles on academic service learning, campus community partnerships and faculty engaged scholarship.

Mind, Brain and Education
Mind, Brain and Education (MBE) publishes peer-reviewed articles concerned with brain and behavioral issues relevant to the broad field of education. MBE provides a forum for the accessible presentation of basic and applied research on learning and development, including analyses from biology, cognitive science and education.

Peer-reviewed, international electronic journal published twice a year by the Coulter Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning at Western Carolina University for the purpose of being an international vehicle for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL).

The National Teaching and Learning Forum
The topics in this newsletter embrace a wide diversity of cross-disciplinary concerns on teaching and learning, ranging from the latest findings of cognitive psychology on attention span and their practical implications for teaching to the relevance of Dante, Shakespeare and Milton to the lives of today's more gender-aware and ethnically diverse students.

New Directions for Teaching and Learning
Offers a comprehensive range of ideas and techniques for improving college teaching based on the experience of seasoned instructors and on the latest findings of educational and psychological researchers.

Peabody Journal of Education: Issues of Leadership, Policy and Organizations
This publication devoted exclusively to educational research, practice and policy and is committed to providing information and reasoned opinion that will enhance understanding and practice among institutions and individuals concerned with human learning and development.

Reaching Through Teaching
Publishes invited essays and peer-reviewed scholarship on teaching. Annually published abstracts from the Georgia Conference on College and University Teaching. (Note: This journal published its last issue in Fall 2006.)

Simulation and Gaming: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Theory, Practice and Research
International forum for the study and discussion of simulation/gaming methodology used in education, training, consultation and research.

Studies in Graduate and Professional Student Development
A peer-reviewed book series designed to provide a platform for the discussion of the research, issues, and programs that address the professional development of graduate and professional students. Areas to be addressed include: Research on teaching, professional development, curricula, assessment and evaluation, training, certification, and career planning and outcomes; research on effective disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs and workshop designs, implementation, and evaluation for teaching and learning; research on the transition from graduate school to full-time faculty positions; basic research on teaching and learning.

Teacher-Scholar: The Journal of the State Comprehensive University
Produced at Fort Hays State University, the journal explores the history, present circumstances, and possible future of America's hardest working but least studied institutions of higher learning — Regional State Universities or, to use a more recent and revealing title, State Comprehensive Universities (SCUs). The journal publishes reflective essays that explore the satisfactions and frustrations of careers spent at SCUs, studies of specific topics based on quantitative and/or qualitative research, and articles that focus on application.

Teachers College Record
Journal of research, analysis and commentary in the field of education.

Teaching in Higher Education
Addresses the roles of teaching, learning and the curriculum in higher education in order to explore and clarify the intellectual challenges that they present.

The Teaching Professor
This newsletter covers a broad range of teaching and learning topics, providing innovative strategies, techniques, and approaches to facilitate learning and reflective analysis of educational issues of concern.

Transformative Dialogues: Teaching and Learning Journal
A forum for conversations intended to foster the improvement of adult teaching and learning. TD facilitates the multi-disciplinary exchange of ideas, actions, and results of innovative and professional practice in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Agriculture Focused Journals

Journal of Agriculture Education
Promotes the profession of agricultural education by facilitating communication among members of the profession that result in research, trends, developments and innovations. The journal has a broad view of agricultural education that includes communications, leadership development, teacher education and related areas.

NACTA Journal
A professional refereed journal published by the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture. Directed toward the scholarship of teaching and learning and advancements in teaching agriculture and related disciplines. Presents papers of all types including methods, problems, philosophy and rewards.

Technology Focused Journals, Includes Distance and Online Learning

American Journal of Distance Education
Focus is on research and scholarship on pedagogy in the field of American distance education.

Australasian Journal of Educational Technology
Research and review articles in educational technology, instructional design, educational applications of computer technologies, educational telecommunications and related areas.

British Journal of Educational Technology
Coverage of developments in international educational and training technology.

Campus Technology
Each issue contains feature articles, case studies, product reviews and profiles of technology use at the individual, departmental and institutional level. Featured topics include advanced networking, administrative systems, portals, security, electronic publishing, presentation technologies, course management systems, technology infrastructure and strategic IT planning.

Computers and Education
Establishes technically based, interdisciplinary forum for communication in the use of all forms of computing in this socially and technologically significant area of application and will continue to publish definitive contributions to serve as a reference standard against which the current state-of-the-art can be assessed.

Education and Information Technologies
Publishes papers from all sectors of education on all aspects of information technology and information systems.

Educational Technology Research & Development
Focuses on research and development in educational technology. Research section features well-documented articles on the practical aspects of research as well as applied theory in educational practice.

Explores how developments, policies and people in the field of information technology are influencing higher education institutions today.

E-Journal of Instructional Science and Technology
Multifaceted publication with content likely to be of interest to policy makers, managers, investors, professional staff, technical staff and academics within education and training.
(This journal recently merged with the Australasian Journal of Educational Technology.)

Focuses on the creative use of information technology (IT) to enhance educational processes in all sectors (K-12, college and university, corporate, government).

Innovations in Education and Teaching International
This is the official journal of the Staff and Educational Development Association and its content focuses on new developments in educational technology.

Interdisciplinary Journal of E-learning and Learning Objects
An interdisciplinary forum that publishes high quality articles on theory, practice, innovation, and research that cover all aspects of E-learning and Learning Objects.

International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning
The primary aim of the journal is to promote a deeper understanding of the nature, theory and practice of the uses of computer-supported collaborative learning. A main focus is on how people learn in the context of collaborative activity and how to design the technological settings for collaboration.

International Journal of ePortfolio
The mission of the International Journal of ePortfolio (IJeP) is to encourage the study of practices and pedagogies associated with ePortfolio in educational settings. The journal's focus includes the explanation, interpretation, application and dissemination of researchers', practitioners', and developers' experiences relevant to ePortfolio. It also serves to provide a multi-faceted, single source of information for those engaging in projects and practices associated with ePortfolio. 

International Journal of Technology and Design Education
Encourages research and scholarly writing about any aspect of technology and design education.

International Journal on E-Learning
Forum to facilitate the international exchange of information on the current research, development and practice of e-learning in corporate, government, healthcare and higher education.

The Internet and Higher Education
Designed to reach those faculty, staff and administrators charged with the responsibility of enhancing instructional practices and productivity via the use of Information Technology and the Internet in their respective institutions.

Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks
The aim of the Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks is to describe original work in asynchronous learning networks (ALN), including experimental results. Our mission is to provide practitioners in online education with knowledge about the very best research in online learning. Papers emphasizing results backed by data are the norm. Occasionally, papers reviewing broad areas are published, including critical reviews of thematic areas. Papers useful to administrators are welcome. Entire issues are published from time-to-time around single topic or disciplinary areas.

Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching
Devoted specifically to using information technology in the teaching of mathematics and science.

Journal of Computing in Higher Education
Essays, reviews, reports and research articles that contribute to our understanding of the issues, problems, and research associated with instructional technology and educational environments.

Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia
Multidisciplinary forum to present and discuss research, development and applications of multimedia and hypermedia in education.

Journal of Educational Technology & Society
Publishes articles on issues affecting the developers of educational technology systems and educators who implement and manage such systems. The articles should discuss the perspectives of both communities and their relation to each other.

Journal of Interactive Learning Research
Publishes papers related to the underlying theory, design, implementation, effectiveness, and impact of technology in education and training.

Journal of Interactive Media in Education
Targeted at researchers and practitioners interested in educational technology.

Journal of Online Learning and Teaching
The MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching (JOLT) is a peer-reviewed, online publication addressing the scholarly use of multimedia resources in education. JOLT welcomes papers on all aspects of the use of online multimedia educational resources for learning and teaching. Topics may include, but are not limited to: learning theory and the use of multimedia to improve student learning; instructional design theory and application; online learning and teaching initiatives; use of technology in online education; innovative online learning and teaching practices.

Journal of Research on Technology in Education
Publishes articles that report on original research, system or project descriptions and evaluations, syntheses of the literature, assessments of the state of the art, and theoretical or conceptual positions that relate to educational computing.

Journal of Science Education and Technology
Interdisciplinary forum for the publication of original peer-reviewed, contributed and invited articles to improve and enhance science education at all levels worldwide.

Journal of Technology Education
Forum for scholarly discussion on topics relating to technology education.

Learning, Media & Technology
This journal aims to stimulate debate on the interaction of innovations in educational theory and practices with media and educational technologies.

Online Classroom
Newsletter that provides practical advice and examples of proven, research-based pedagogical techniques to help instructors and course developers create and teach outstanding online courses. Includes expert advice on course design, learner-centered pedagogy, synchronous and asynchronous interaction, online learning communities, appropriate use of technology, course management, and assessment.

Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration
Articles with specific focus or implications for the management of distance education programs.

Open Learning: The Journal of Open and Distance Learning
International journal in the field of open and distance learning.

Quarterly Review of Distance Education
Publishes articles, research briefs, reviews and editorials dealing with the theories, research and practices of distance education.

Technological Horizons in Education (T.H.E. Journal)
Articles from educators involved in integrating technology on their campuses and into their curricula.

Technology, Pedagogy and Education
Concerned with the implications for teacher education, both pre-service and in-service, of all aspects of information technology.

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