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Test Scoring and Analysis

CIE offers a free test scoring and analysis service for objective, multiple-choice examinations to faculty teaching regularly-scheduled credit courses on the West Lafayette campus. The service provides high levels of reliability, accuracy, and security with a 24-hour turnaround time.

The test scoring package offers many scoring and reporting options that make it possible to grade everything from a short quiz to a lengthy final exam. Answer sheets are available in several sizes and formats. Scoring procedures can include item weights, either-or scoring, converting raw scores to percentages, etc. You can order student grade reports sorted in a number of ways and statistical summaries that provide information about the scores obtained and the individual items in the test.

For more information on test scoring services, click here. Or you can call 49-45112. All information and materials needed for the service, including the machine-readable student response forms, can be obtained from CIE in Room G-39, Stewart Center. Response forms should be returned to G-39 for scoring and analysis.

The test scoring package provides instructors with the flexibility of item weighting, "either-or" scoring, and "formula" scoring (subtracting a fraction of the items wrong as a correction for guessing). CIE data processing staff also can rescale scores into percentages, z-scores, and T-scores. Instructors can have a test rescored if they make an error on the key; however, reruns are given lower priority during final examination periods.

Instructors can get a variety of reports with information about student performance as well as the test. Student performance reports also may be sorted in a number of ways to help assign grades and maintain class records. For example, instructors can use data in the Score distribution report to establish grade cutoffs, while the Item Analysis report helps instructors assess the level of student achievement on individual test questions.

Five types of machine-readable answer sheets are available:
  1. One hundred fifty items with five responses each (available in several colors).
  2. Thirty items with five responses each (available in two colors).
  3. One hundred items with ten responses each (available in brown).
  4. Fifty items with five responses each (available in orange). These sheets also have space for up to fifteen hand-graded items to be included in the scoring. The points assigned for the hand-graded items must be written in and gridded in as three-digit whole numbers.
  5. Six items with five responses each (available in two colors).

Instructors must fill out a "Request for Test Scoring Service" worksheet each time they need to have a test scored. This worksheet outlines the scoring and reporting options available and allows instructors to tailor the service to their individual needs.