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Course Records

CIE offers an information management service to help faculty maintain classroom records. In addition to scoring and analyzing tests, CIE can store the results and provide instructors with reports at any time during the semester.

The course records management system makes it easy to store, analyze, and report test results that were generated in the CIE test scoring service. In addition, other kinds of hand-graded data can be entered on "Add-In" answer sheets, which come in a variety of sizes and formats. Once the data for a class is stored, the instructor can set weights for the various grading components, drop scores, establish letter grade cutoffs, order student grade reports sorted in several ways, etc.

For more information on course records management services, click on the link below. For answers to specific questions or to obtain Add-In data sheets, call 49-45112 or visit G-39, Stewart Center.

The Course Records Management Service (CRMS) package can assign grades, drop the lowest score(s), sort reports by a variety of criteria, compute total score statistics, and rescale groups of scores. Student records can be edited if the instructor requests score adjustments. Add-In data sheets, provided by CIE, permit instructors to add scores from hand-graded exercises such as class participation, essays, and lab reports. Faculty members should discuss the options available with the Instructional Data Processing staff.

Three types of machine-readable Add-In data sheets are available with the following options:
  1. Seven data entry boxes of three digits each (available in brown).
  2. Thirty data entry boxes of three digits each (available in purple).
  3. Seventy data entry boxes of two or three digits each (available in green). The boxes are grouped into four categories labeled Recitation, Laboratory, Quizzes, and Tests. These sheets are designed for instructors who want scores reported with subtotals for up to four separate score categories.

Some restrictions apply to the use of the CRMS. For example, marks on the Add-In data sheets should be dark enough to cover the number or letter in the bubble being blackened. A score-entry box designed as a three-digit field must have all three digits filled in (i.e., use leading zeros if necessary). Changes in the stored information should be recorded on the "CRMS Revisions" worksheet and returned to CIE at least two weeks before the final examination period.

An instructor using the CIE test scoring service can indicate on the test scoring worksheet that the results should be stored in the CRMS package. Those who want to use Add-In data sheets or obtain a CRMS report should complete a "Request for CRMS" worksheet.