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Page Scanning Services

Instructional Data Processing (IDP) operates a high-speed optical page scanner that collects data from machine-readable answer sheets. When forms are scanned the responses are stored in a computer data file for later analysis and reporting.

IDP has several types of stock answer sheets available that can be adapted to a wide variety of data collection tasks. For users with unique requirements, IDP can assist in the design and development of custom answer sheets. Once the responses have been collected, IDP can provide basic data analysis and reporting for its stock answer sheets, or can give the customer a data file in a standard format that can be analyzed further.

Scanning services are provided free for test scoring, course records management, and course and instructor evaluation for regularly-scheduled credit courses on the West Lafayette campus, although there may be a charge for the cost of sheets used if the quantity is substantial. Charges are made for other uses of scanning services according to the University-approved rate schedule.